DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue 02 · Volume 31 · February 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-004-26332

Review Article

Original Article

Demers, Suzanne; Bujold, Emmanuel; Arenas, Edgar; Castro, Ariel; Nicolaides, Kypros H.: Prediction of Recurrent Preeclampsia Using First-Trimester Uterine Artery Doppler
Mendez-Figueroa, Hector; Daley, Julie; Lopes, Vrishali V.; Coustan, Donald R.: Predicting the Need for Medical Therapy in Patients with Mild Gestational Diabetes
Pearce, Christy F.; Lain, Kristine; Hansen, Wendy F.; Curry, Thomas; O'Brien, John M.: The Use of Digital Peripheral Artery Tonometry to Detect Endothelial Dysfunction in Pregnant Women Who Smoke
Clark, Steven L.; Saade, George A.; Meyers, Janet A.; Frye, Donna R.; Perlin, Jonathan B.: The Clinical and Economic Impact of Nurse to Patient Staffing Ratios in Women Receiving Intrapartum Oxytocin
Wolfe, Katherine; Tabangin, Meredith; Meinzen-Derr, Jareen; Snyder, Candice; Lewis, David; DeFranco, Emily: Neonatal Morbidity by Week of Gestational Age for Twins Compared to Singletons: A Population-Based Cohort Study
Odibo, Anthony O.; Goetzinger, Katherine R.; Cahill, Alison G.; Odibo, Linda; Macones, George A.: Combined Sonographic Testing Index and Prediction of Adverse Outcome in Preterm Fetal Growth Restriction
Jozwiak, Marta; ten Eikelder, Mieke; Rengerink, Katrien Oude; de Groot, Christianne; Feitsma, Hanneke; Spaanderman, Marc; van Pampus, Mariëlle; de Leeuw, Jan Willem; Mol, Ben Willem; Bloemenkamp, Kitty; on behalf of the PROBAAT Study Group: Foley Catheter versus Vaginal Misoprostol: Randomized Controlled Trial (PROBAAT-M Study) and Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Literature
Vergales, Brooke D.; Paget-Brown, Alix O.; Lee, Hoshik; Guin, Lauren E.; Smoot, Terri J.; Rusin, Craig G.; Clark, Matthew T.; Delos, John B.; Fairchild, Karen D.; Lake, Douglas E.; Moorman, Randall; Kattwinkel, John: Accurate Automated Apnea Analysis in Preterm Infants
Fox, Nathan S.; Roman, Ashley S.; Saltzman, Daniel H.; Hourizadeh, Tanya; Hastings, Jeffrey; Rebarber, Andrei: Risk Factors for Preeclampsia in Twin Pregnancies

Original Manuscript

Marete, Irene; Tenge, Constance; Pasha, Omrana; Goudar, Shivaprasad; Chomba, Elwyn; Patel, Archana; Althabe, Fernando; Garces, Ana; McClure, Elizabeth M.; Saleem, Sarah; Esamai, Fabian; Kodkany, Bhala S.; Belizan, Jose M.; Derman, Richard J.; Hibberd, Patricia L.; Krebs, Nancy; Buekens, Pierre; Goldenberg, Robert L.; Carlo, Waldemar A.; Wallace, Dennis; Moore, Janet; Koso-Thomas, Marion; Wright, Linda L.; Liechty, Edward A.: Perinatal Outcomes of Multiple-Gestation Pregnancies in Kenya, Zambia, Pakistan, India, Guatemala, and Argentina: A Global Network Study