DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 10 · Volume 79 · July 2013 DOI: 10.1055/s-003-25305

Natural Products at a Crossroad: Current and Future Directions
2013 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Pharmacognosy
St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 14 – 17, July 2013

Chairmen: Mark O'Neil-Johnson, Scientific Organizing Committee – Ray Cooper, Local Organizing Committee – Issue Editor: Mark O'Neil-Johnson

Jérsia Araújo, A; Marinho Filho, JDB; de Lima, KSB; Silveira, ER; Odorico de Moraes, M; Pessoa, C; Costa-Lotufo, LV: Abietane Diterpene Isolated from Hyptis Carvalhoi Harley (Lamiaceae) Induces Cell Death by Autophagy and Apoptosis
Cristians, S; Pérez-Vásquez, A; Castillejos, E; Mata, R: Antidiabetic Properties of Exostema caribaeum Stem Bark Aqueous Extract
Liu, WK; Cheung, FWK; Ling, YH; Che, CT: Anti-Melanoma Activity of Stellettin A
Juárez, K; Ángeles, G; Rivero, I; Bye, R; Mata, R: Antinociceptive Activity of Ligusticum porteri Preparations and Compounds
Kim, SJ; Cho, HI; Kim, SJ; Kwak, JH; Lee, DU; Lee, SK; Lee, SM: Lupeol Protects D-Galactosamine and Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Liver Injury
Kim, SJ; Cho, HI; Kim, SJ; Kwak, JH; Kim, YH; Lee, SK; Lee, SM: Protective Effect of Linarin Against β-Galactosamine and Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Hepatic Failure
Fragoso-Serrano, M; Cruz Morales, S; Figueroa-González, G; Pereda-Miranda, R: Resin Glycosides of Ipomoea alba Seeds as Mammalian Resistance Modifying Agents
Santos, FA; Rao, VS; Carvalho, KMMB; Morais, TC; da Silva, AACA; Chaves, MH: The Alpha, Beta-Amyrin from Protium Heptaphyllum Exerts Antiobese-Related Effects in Mice Fed on High Fat Diet