DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 06 · Volume 11 · December 1990 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-9061



Physiology and Biochemistry

Seidman, D. S.; Dolev, E.; Deuster, P. A.; Burstein, R.; Arnon, R.; Epstein, Y.: Androgenic Response to Long-Term Physical Training in Male Subjects

Flynn, M. G.; Costill, D. L.; Kirwan, J. P.; Mitchell, J. B.; Houmard, J. A.; Fink, W. J.; Beltz, J. D.; D'Acquisto, L. J.: Fat Storage in Athletes: Metabolic and Hormonal Responses to Swimming and Running
Nagel, D.; Seiler, D.; Franz, H.; Jung, K.: Ultra-Long-Distance Running and the Liver*
Robergs, R. A.; Chwalbinska-Moneta, J.; Mitchell, J. B.; Pascoe, D. D.; Houmard, J.; Costill, D. L.: Blood Lactate Threshold Differences Between Arterialized and Venous Blood
Rowland, T. W.; Staab, J. S.; Unnithan, V. B.; Rambusch, J. M.; Siconolfi, S. F.: Mechanical Efficiency During Cycling in Prepubertal and Adult Males
Pate, R. R.; Sargent, R. G.; Baldwin, C.; Burgess, M. L.: Dietary Intake of Women Runners
Nieman, D. C.; Nehlsen-Cannarella, S. L.; Markoff, P. A.; Balk-Lamberton, A. J.; Yang, H.; Chritton, D. B. W.; Lee, J. W.; Arabatzis, K.: The Effects of Moderate Exercise Training on Natural Killer Cells and Acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Cafarelli, E.; Sim, J.; Carolan, B.; Liebesman, J.: Vibratory Massage and Short-Term Recovery from Muscular Fatigue
Kirwan, J. P.; Costill, D. L.; Flynn, M. G.; Neufer, P. D.; Fink, W. J.; Morse, W. M.: Effects of Increased Training Volume on the Oxidative Capacity, Glycogen Content and Tension Development of Rat Skeletal Muscle


Brynhildsen, J.; Ekstrand, J.; Jeppsson, A.; Tropp, H.: Previous Injuries and Persisting Symptoms in Female Soccer Players

Short Communication