DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 06 · Volume 12 · December 1991 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-9039

Physiology and Biochemistry

Gastin, P.; Lawson, D.; Hargreaves, M.; Carey, M.; Fairweather, I.: Variable Resistance Loadings in Anaerobic Power Testing

Sutherland, W. H. F.; Nye, E. R.; Macfarlane, D. J.; Robertson, M. C.; Williamson, S. A.: Fecal Bile Acid Concentration in Distance Runners
Hickner, R. C.; Horswill, C. A.; Welker, J. M.; Scott, J.; Roemmich, J. N.; Costill, D. L.: Test Development for the Study of Physical Performance in Wrestlers Following Weight Loss
Mena, P.; Maynar, M.; Gutierrez, J. M.; Maynar, J.; Timon, J.; Campillo, J. E.: Erythrocyte Free Radical Scavenger Enzymes in Bicycle Professional Racers. Adaptation to Training
Vermulst, L. J. M.; Vervoorn, C.; Boelens-Quist, A. M.; Koppeschaar, H. P. F.; Erich, W. B. M.; Thijssen, J. H. H.; de Vries, W. R.: Analysis of Seasonal Training Volume and Working Capacity in Elite Female Rowers
Harmenberg, J.; Ceci, R.; Barvestad, P.; Hjerpe, K.; Nyström, J.: Comparison of Different Tests of Fencing Performance

Orthopedics and Clinical

Veldhuizen, J. W.; Koene, F. M. M.; Oostvogel, H. J. M.; Thiel, Th P. Hv; Verstappen, F. T. J.: The Effects of a Supportive Knee Brace on Leg Performance in Healthy Subjects

Behavioural Sciences