DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Ausgabe 07 · Volume 19 · Oktober 1998 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-5623


Physiology and Biochemistry

Zeglinksi, C. M.; Swanson, S. C.; Self, B. P.; Greenwald, R. M.: Muscle Activity in the Slalom Turn of Alpine Skiing and In-Line Skating
Kostka, T.; Drai, J.; Berthouze, S. E.; Lacour, J.-R.; Bonnefoy, M.: Physical Activity, Fitness and Integrated Antioxidant System in Healthy Active Elderly Women
Ashenden, M. J.; Fricker, P. A.; Ryan, R. K.; Morrison, N. K.; Dobson, G. P.; Hahn, A. G.: The Haematological Response to an Iron Injection Amongst Female Athletes
Craciun, A. M.; Wolf, J.; Knapen, M. H. J.; Brouns, F.; Vermeer, C.: Improved Bone Metabolism in Female Elite Athletes after Vitamin K Supplementation

Training and Testing

Verstappen, F. T. J.; Veldhuizen, J. W.; Twellaar, M.; Drost, M. R.; Kuipers, H.: Isokinetic Aerobic Power Output Testing of the Quadriceps Muscle


Vandebuerie, F.; Eynde, B. Vanden; Vandenberghe, K.; Hespel, P.: Effect of Creatine Loading on Endurance Capacity and Sprint Power in Cyclists

Orthopedics and Clinical Science

Meyer, T.; Broocks, A.; Bandelow, B.; Hillmer-Vogel, U.; Rüther, E.: Endurance Training in Panic Patients: Spiroergometric and Clinical Effects
MacAuley, D.; Crum, E. E. Mc; Stott, G.; Evans, A. E.; Gamble, R. P.; Roberts, B. Mc; Boreham, C. A. G.; Trinick, T. R.; Sweeney, K.: Levels of Physical Activity, Physical Fitness and their Relationship in the Northern Ireland Health and Activity Survey