DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 08 · Volume 43 · August 2011 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-22179

Original article

Choe, W. H.; Kim, J. H.; Ko, S. Y.; Kwon, S. Y.; Kim, B. K.; Rhee, K. H.; Seo, T. H.; Lee, T. Y.; Hong, S. N.; Lee, S.-Y.; Sung, I. K.; Park, H. S.; Shim, C. S.: Comparison of transnasal small-caliber vs. peroral conventional esophagogastroduodenoscopy for evaluating varices in unsedated cirrhotic patients
Farhat, S.; Chaussade, S.; Ponchon, T.; Coumaros, D.; Charachon, A.; Barrioz, T.; Koch, S.; Houcke, P.; Cellier, C.; Heresbach, D.; Lepilliez, V.; Napoleon, B.; Bauret, P.; Coron, E.; Le Rhun, M.; Bichard, P.; Vaillant, E.; Calazel, A.; Bensoussan, E.; Bellon, S.; Mangialavori, L.; Robin, F.; Prat, F.: Endoscopic submucosal dissection in a European setting. A multi-institutional report of a technique in development
van Hooft, J. E.; van Montfoort, M. L.; Jeurnink, S. M.; Bruno, M. J.; Dijkgraaf, M. G.; Siersema, P. D.; Fockens, P.: Safety and efficacy of a new non-foreshortening nitinol stent in malignant gastric outlet obstruction (DUONITI study): a prospective, multicenter study
Lenz, L.; Tafarel, J.; Correia, L.; Bonilha, D.; Santos, M.; Rodrigues, R.; Gomes, G.; Andrade, G.; Martins, F.; Monaghan, M.; Nakao, F.; Libera, E.; Ferrari, A. P.; Rohr, R.: Comparative study of bipolar eletrocoagulation versus argon plasma coagulation for rectal bleeding due to chronic radiation coloproctopathy
Camellini, L.; Carlinfante, G.; Azzolini, F.; Iori, V.; Cavina, M.; Sereni, G.; Decembrino, F.; Gallo, C.; Tamagnini, I.; Valli, R.; Piana, S.; Campari, C.; Gardini, G.; Sassatelli, R.: A randomized clinical trial comparing 22G and 25G needles in endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration of solid lesions
Jensen, J. T.; Vilmann, P.; Horsted, T.; Hornslet, P.; Bodtger, U.; Banning, A.; Hammering, A.: Nurse-administered propofol sedation for endoscopy: a risk analysis during an implementation phase

Case report/series


Coriat, R.; Mozer, M.; Caux, E.; Chryssostalis, A.; Terris, B.; Grandjouan, S.; Benamouzig, R.; Martin, A.; Chaussade, S.: Endoscopic findings in Cowden syndrome

Dolak, W.; Raderer, M.; Maresch, J.; Muellauer, L.; Puespoek, A.; Chott, A.; Haefner, M.: Detection of gastric MALT lymphoma spreading to the small bowel by enteroscopy

Letters to the editor

Mavrogenis, G.; Coumaros, D.; Renard, C.; Bellocq, J.-P.; Defta, D.; Charneau, D.; Leroy, J.: Jejunal gastrointestinal stromal tumor missed by three capsule endoscopies
Jovanovic, I.; Mönkemuller, K.: Reply to Mavrogenis et al.

Letters to the Editor

Hocke, M.; Ignee, A.; Dietrich, C.: Reply to Ustundag