DOI: 10.1055/s-00000165

Evidence-Based Spine-Care Journal

Issue 01 · Volume 1 · May 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21150

Message from the Editor

Science in spine

Ecker, Erika D; Skelly, Andrea C: Conducting a winning literature search

Original research

Barbagallo, Giuseppe M; Corbino, Leonardo A; Olindo, Giuseppe; Albanese, Vincenzo: Heterotopic ossification in cervical disc arthroplasty: Is it clinically relevant?
Bransford, Richard J; Zhang, Fangyi; Bellabarba, Carlo; Lee, Michael J: Treating thoracic-disc herniations: Do we always have to go anteriorly?
Ragab, Ashraf A; Hodges, F Spain; Hill, Clint P; McGuire, Robert A; Tucci, Michelle: Dynamic anterior cervical plating for multi-level spondylosis: Does it help?

Systematic review

Dvorak, Marcel; Vaccaro, Alexander R; Hermsmeyer, Jeffrey; Norvell, Daniel C: Unilateral facet dislocations: Is surgery really the preferred option?
Wilson, Jefferson R; Dettori, Joseph R; VanAlstyne, Ellen M; Fehlings, Michael G: Addressing the challenges and controversies of managing os odontoideum: results of a systematic review

Case report