DOI: 10.1055/s-00000165

Evidence-Based Spine-Care Journal

The 10 most popular articles of the last 3 months.

Martin, Allan R; Reddy, Rajesh; Fehlings, Michael G: Dropped head syndrome: diagnosis and management
Skelly, Andrea C; Dettori, Joseph R; Brodt, Erika D: Assessing bias: the importance of considering confounding
Ecker, Erika D; Skelly, Andrea C: Conducting a winning literature search
Dettori, Joseph R: Loss to follow-up
Aichmair, Alexander; Du, Jerry Y.; Shue, Jennifer; Evangelisti, Gisberto; Sama, Andrew A.; Hughes, Alexander P.; Lebl, Darren R.; Burket, Jayme C.; Cammisa, Frank P.; Girardi, Federico P.: Microdiscectomy for the Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation: An Evaluation of Reoperations and Long-Term Outcomes
Wilson, Jefferson R; Hashimoto, Robin E; Dettori, Joseph R; Fehlings, Michael G: Spinal cord injury and quality of life: a systematic review of outcome measures
Annis, Prokopis; Lawrence, Brandon D.; Spiker, William R.; Zhang, Yue; Chen, Wei; Daubs, Michael D.; Brodke, Darrel S.: Predictive Factors for Acute Proximal Junctional Failure after Adult Deformity Surgery with Upper Instrumented Vertebrae in the Thoracolumbar Spine