DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Issue 08 · Volume 57 · December 2009 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-20577

Basic Science

Möllmann, H.; Voss, S.; Nef, H. M.; Lintz, M.; Oltenau, C.; Kostin, S.; Sperzel, J.; Troidl, C.; Skwara, W.; Rolf, A.; Hamm, C.; Elsässer, A.: Desynchronization: A Novel Model to Induce Heart Failure



Original Cardiovascular

Bittner, H. B.; Lange, M.; Lemke, J.; Rastan, A.; Mohr, F. W.: Aprotinin-Associated Risks in Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Çelik, B.; Sahin, E.; Nadir, A.; Kaptanoglu, M.: Sternum Fractures and Effects of Associated Injuries

Original Thoracic

Kawachi, R.; Tsukada, H.; Nakazato, Y.; Takei, H.; Furuyashiki, G.; Koshi-ishi, Y.; Goya, T.: Early Recurrence after Surgical Resection in Patients with Pathological Stage I Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Athanassiadi, K.; Bagaev, E.; Haverich, A.: Autologous Blood Pleurodesis for Persistent Air Leak
Obuchi, T.; Miyahara, S.; Higuchi, T.; Hamatake, D.; Imakiire, T.; Ueno, T.; Yoshinaga, Y.; Shiraishi, T.; Shirakusa, T.; Iwasaki, A.: Prognosis of Patients after Pulmonary Artery Plasty for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Short Communications

Bayram, A. S.; Bicer, M.; Yerci, O.; Senkaya, I.; Gebitekin, C.: Vena Cava Resection with Venous-Venous Shunt for Hemangioma

Case Reports

Takenaka, T.; Yano, T.; Kouso, H.; Ohba, T.; Kometani, T.; Shoji, F.; Maehara, Y.: Long-Term Survival of a Patient with Type A Thymoma and Masaoka's Stage IV b: Case Report
Miura, N.; Shoji, F.; Kawano, D.; Morodomi, Y.; Ito, K.; Yano, T.; Maehara, Y.: A Pulmonary Sclerosing Hemagioma with an Increasing Uptake on PET
Moyer, H. R.; Ghazi, B.; Feliciano, D. V.: Sternoclavicular Joint Infection: A Case Report
Wei, B.; Steijlen, K. L.; Stewart, A. S.; Bacchetta, M. D.: Simultaneous Pulmonary Embolectomy and Aortic Root Replacement