DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 09 · Volume 29 · September 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-12957


Physiology & Biochemistry

Francescato, M. P.; Zanier, M.; Gaggioli, F.: Prediction of Glucose Oxidation Rate during Exercise
Coso, J. D.; Aguado-Jimenez, R.; Mora-Rodriguez, R.: Infrared Tympanic Thermometry in a Hot Environment
Harber, M. P.; Crane, J. D.; Douglass, M. D.; Weindel, K. D.; Trappe, T. A.; Trappe, S. W.; Fink, W. F.: Resistance Exercise Reduces Muscular Substrates in Women
Kinugasa, R.; Kuchiki, K.; Tono, T.; Horii, A.: Superficial Cooling Inhibits Force Loss in Damaged Muscle

Training & Testing

Plato, P. A.; McNulty, M.; Crunk, S. M.; Tug Ergun, A.: Predicting Lactate Threshold Using Ventilatory Threshold
Nummela, A. T.; Heath, K. A.; Paavolainen, L. M.; Lambert, M. I.; St Clair Gibson, A.; Rusko, H. K.; Noakes, T. D.: Fatigue during a 5-km Running Time Trial
Rossato, M.; Bini, R. R.; Carpes, F. P.; Diefenthaeler, F.; Moro, A. R. P.: Cadence and Workload Effects on Pedaling Technique of Well-Trained Cyclists
Jobson, S. A.; Woodside, J.; Passfield, L.; Nevill, A. M.: Allometric Scaling of Uphill Cycling Performance
Micklewright, D.; Papapdopoulou, E.: A New Squash Specific Incremental Field Test
García-López, D.; Herrero, J. A.; Abadía, O.; García-Isla, F. J.; Ualí, I.; Izquierdo, M.: The Role of Resting Duration in the Kinematic Pattern of Two Consecutive Bench Press Sets to Failure in Elite Sprint Kayakers

Behavioural Sciences