DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 07 · Volume 40 · July 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-12866

Original article

Guo, Y.-T.; Li, Y.-Q.; Yu, T.; Zhang, T.-G.; Zhang, J.-N.; Liu, H.; Liu, F.-G.; Xie, X.-J.; Zhu, Q.; Zhao, Y.-A.: Diagnosis of gastric intestinal metaplasia with confocal laser endomicroscopy in vivo: a prospective study
Goetz, M.; Kiesslich, R.; Dienes, H.-P.; Drebber, U.; Murr, E.; Hoffman, A.; Kanzler, S.; Galle, P. R.; Delaney, P.; Neurath, M. F.: In vivo confocal laser endomicroscopy of the human liver: a novel method for assessing liver microarchitecture in real time
Cardoso Ramos, A.; Murakami, A.; Galvão Neto, M.; Santana Galvão, M.; Souza Silva, A. C.; Gonzalo Canseco, E.; Moyses, Y.: NOTES transvaginal video-assisted cholecystectomy: first series
Thele, F.; Zygmunt, M.; Glitsch, A.; Heidecke, C.-D.; Schreiber, A.: How do gynecologists feel about transvaginal NOTES surgery?
Sporn, E.; Miedema, B. W.; Bachman, S. L.; Astudillo, J. A.; Loy, T. S.; Calaluce, R.; Thaler, K.: Endoscopic colotomy closure after full thickness excision: comparison of T fastener with multiclip applier
Voermans, R. P.; Worm, A. M.; van Berge Henegouwen, M. I.; Breedveld, P.; Bemelman, W. A.; Fockens, P.: In vitro comparison and evaluation of seven gastric closure modalities for natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES)

Case report

Kongkam, P.; Al-Haddad, M.; Attasaranya, S.; O¿Neil, J.; Pais, S.; Sherman, S.; DeWitt, J.: EUS and clinical characteristics of cystic pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
Zambelli, A.; Villanacci, V.; Buscarini, E.; Bassotti, G.; Albarello, L.: Collagenous colitis: a case series with confocal laser microscopy and histology correlation


Pohl, J.; Delvaux, M.; Ell, C.; Gay, G.; May, A.; Mulder, C. J. J.; Pennazio, M.; Perez-Cuadrado, E.; Vilmann, P.: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) Guidelines: flexible enteroscopy for diagnosis and treatment of small-bowel diseases

Letters to the editor

Souza, J. L. S.; Ribeiro, T. M.; Borges, L. V.; da Silva, J. G. N.: Electrolyzed acid water can cause colitis?
Cammarota, G.; Larocca, L. M.: Reply to Souza et al.
Coriat, R.; Chaput, U.; Audard, V.; Chaussade, S.: Reply to Souza et al.