DOI: 10.1055/s-00000015

European Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Issue 03 · Volume 5 · June 1995 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-11645

Original article

Ring-Mrozik, E.; Hecker, W. Ch.; Nerlich, A.: Lobar Emphysema and Atelectasis Syndrome, A Nosological Unity*
Gorrotxategi, P.; Eizaguirre, I.; Saenz de Ugarte, A.; Reguilon, M. J.; Emparanza, J.; Mintegui, J.; Garay, J.; Ruiz Benito, A. M.: Characteristics of Continuous Esophageal pH-Metering in Infants with Gastroesophageal Reflux and Apparent Life-Threatening Events
Urushihara, N.; Todani, T.; Watanabe, Y.; Uemura, S.; Morotomi, Y.; Wang, Z. Q.: Does Hyperamylasemia in Choledochal Cyst Indicate True Pancreatitis? An Experimental Study
Todani, T.; Urushihara, N.; Mowtomi, Y.; Watanabe, Y.; Uemura, S.; Noda, T.; Sasaki, K.; Yoshikawa, M.: Characteristics of Choledochal Cysts in Neonates and Early Infants
Parashar, K.; Upadhyay, V.; Corkery, J. J.: Partial or Near-Total Pancreatectomy for Nesidioblastosis?
Héloury, Y.; Baron, M.; Bourgoin, S.; Wetzel, O.; Lejus, C.; Plattner, V.: Medical Treatment of Postappendectomy Intraperitoneal Abscesses in Children
Martinez-Climent, J.; Cavalle, T.; Ferris Tortajada, J.: Non-Malignant Tumors that Can Mimic Cancer During the Neonatal Period
López-Alonso, M.; Ribas, J.; Hernández, A.; Anguita, F. A.; Gómez de Terreros, I.; Martinez-Caro, A.: Efficiency of the Anorectal Manometry for the Diagnosis of Hirschsprung's Disease in the Newborn Period*
Vanneuville, G.; Dechelotte, P.; Scheye, Th.; Bruhat, C.; Richard, J. F.: Polypoid Formations at the Anal Margin in Infants Less than Two Years Old
López Gutiérrez, J. C.; Ros, Z.; Vallejo, D.; Perdiguero, M.; Soto, C.; Tovar, J.: Cultured Epidermal Autograft in the Management of Critical Pediatric Burn Patients

Case report

Rizalar, R.; Demirbilek, S.; Bernay, F.; Gürses, N.: A Case of a Mediastinal Neurenteric Cyst Demonstrated by Prenatal Ultrasound
Benammar, S.; Hélardot, P. G.; Sapin, E.; Adamsbaum, C.; Raymond, J.: Childhood Actinomycosis: Report of Two Cases
Cholewa, D.; Zimmer, T.; Pöthe, H.; Waldschmidt, J.: Spheric Duodenal Duplication in a 13-Year-Old Child
Poenaru, D.; Uroz-Tristán, J.; Leclerc, Suzanne; Murphy, S.; Bensoussan, A.-L.: Imperforate Anus, Malrotation and Hirschsprung's Disease: A Rare Association