Synthesis 2008(1): 155-160  
DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-983895
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One-Pot Synthesis of Dihydroimidazo- and Imidazophenanthridinium Salts

Alexis D. C. Parenty*, Leroy Cronin*
WestCHEM, University of Glasgow, Chemistry Department, Glasgow, G12 8QQ, UK
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Received 15 February 2007
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11 September 2007 (eFirst)


Two highly efficient and general one-pot annulation reactions are described for the synthesis of dihydroimidazo- and imidazophenanthridinium salts (DIPs + and IPs +). These two methodologies exploit the difference in reactivity between primary amino-based or ammonia nucleophiles and the dielectrophilic starting material, 2-bromoethylphenanthridinium bromide.