Synthesis 2013; 45(18): 2626
DOI: 10.1055/s-0033-1338536
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A Simple and Efficient Oxidative Coupling of Aromatic Nuclei Mediated by Manganese Dioxide

Kailiang Wang
Yanna Hu
Zheng Li
Meng Wu
Zhihui Liu
Bo Su
Ao Yu
Yu Liu
Qingmin Wang*
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Publication History

Publication Date:
05 September 2013 (online)

Compound 13b was named 3,4-dithia-dibenzo[c,g]phenanthrene throughout the article. Dr. Brian M. Eklov (Kalexsyn, Kalamazoo, MI 49008, USA) discovered that name and structure assigned in the article where wrong. The following corrections should therefore be considered:��Page 1084, right column, line 12/13 from the bottom and page 1089, right column, line 2 from the bottom: “3,4-dithia-dibenzo[c,g]phenanthrene (13b)” should be “dibenzo[a,h]thianthrene (13b)”.��Page 1086, Table 4, entry 6: The correct structure for product 13b is shown below:��

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The authors thank Dr. Eklov for his kind notice and apologize for the wrong original assignment.

Synthesis 2010, 1083.