Synthesis 2010(18): 3067-3069  
DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1258191
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A Short, Multigram Synthesis of 1,8-Diaminocarbazole

Michał J. Chmielewski*
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry, ul. Pasteura 1, 02-093 Warszawa, Poland
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Received 21 June 2010
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04 August 2010 (eFirst)


A one-pot, multigram, and chromatography-free procedure has been developed for the preparation of 1,8-diamino-9H-carbazole, a versatile synthon for the synthesis of anion receptors and conducting polymers. The synthesis consists of a one-pot, palladium-catalyzed reduction of nitro groups and hydrodechlorination of 3,6-dichloro-1,8-dinitrocarbazole, which in turn can be easily produced on a large scale from inexpensive carbazole.