DOI: 10.1055/s-00028781

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Armenia, Sarah; Thangamathesvaran, Loka; Caine, Akia D.; King, Neil; Kunac, Anastasia; Merchant, Aziz M.: The Role of High-Fidelity Team-Based Simulation in Acute Care Settings: A Systematic Review
Orelaru, Felix; Edwards, Melanie; Raleigh, Ruth; Abunayla, Ali; Bush, Rachel; Porter, Shannon; Schumaker, Kate; Albright, Jeremy; Adams, Kumari N.: Short-Term Outcomes of COVID-19 Pandemic on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Screening and Management
El-Helou, Etienne; Kansoun, Alaa; Abi Fadel, Elissa; Nassif, Ali; Mazraani, Houssam Bashir; Neaime, Georges Robert; Kassem Moussa, Houssein Amin; Bassil, Georges; Ibrahim, Serge; Assaf, Georges R.; Alam, Houssam: A Novel Technique for the Treatment of a Case of Verneuil's Disease of Perineum and Axillary Regions