DOI: 10.1055/s-00000018

Facial Plastic Surgery

Issue 02 · Volume 38 · April 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-53906 Nonsurgical Facial Treatments Guest Editor: Dario Bertossi, MD, PhD

Guest Editor Preface

Original Article

Bertossi, Dario; Magagnotto, Nicola; Chirumbolo, Salvatore; D'Souza, Alwyn; Nocini, Riccardo: Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty: Long-Term Follow-Up of High G′ HA Nasal Injections
Cavallini, Maurizio; Papagni, Marco; Lazzari, Riccardo; Santorelli, Adriano: Botulinum Toxin Type A: Adverse Events and Management
Shamil, Eamon; North, Alexander S.; Fan, Ka Siu; D'Souza, Hanna; Kaladjiska, Maja; D'Souza, Alwyn: The Quality of Online Information on Cosmetic Injectable Fillers: Current Status
Kowalczyk, Chris; Aguilera, Shino Bay; Andrei, Gherghina; Damse, Amelia; Ghalili, Sabrina: Face-off: Social Media Responsibility in Medicine and Nonsurgical Treatment of the Face
Lazzarotto, Andrea; Robiony, Massimo; Cambiaso-Daniel, Janos; Nocini, Riccardo; Gualdi, Alessandro: Social Profiloplasty: A Practical Assessment and Injection Guide
Philipp-Dormston, Wolfgang G.; Bertossi, Dario; Houschyar, Khosrow; Rahman, Eqram: Botulinum Toxins for Esthetic Facial Injections: A Scientific Review to Support Evidence-Based Best Practice
Kapoor, Krishan M.; Chatrath, Vandana; Li, Chris Q.; Bertossi, Dario: Pinch Anatomy of Forehead: An Injection Guide for Forehead Filler Treatment
Bertossi, Dario; Carletta, Luca C.; Fink, Laetitia Colombo; Bartolucci, Marco; Barba, Gianfranco; Montanari, Alessia; Alotto, Massimo; Brusi, Claudio; Chirumbolo, Salvatore: The Role of Er-yag Glass Laser in Skin Resurfacing
Bertossi, Dario; Nocini, Riccardo; Chirumbolo, Salvatore; Kapoor, Krishan Mohan: Puzzle Facelift: A Nonsurgical, Whole Treatment for Facial Modeling and Rejuvenation
Fakih, Nabil; Bertossi, Dario; Vent, Julia: The Overfilled Face
Magistretti, Philippe; Bertossi, Dario; Pirayesh, Ali; Magistretti, Alessandra; Chirumbolo, Salvatore: Exokine and the Youth-Boosting Treatment Based on One's Own Serum: Wheat and Chaff
Weber, Rainer K.; Giotakis, Evangelos I.; Hildenbrand, Tanja; Heppt, Werner: Partial Maxillectomy for the Improvement of Nasal Obstruction Can Be Combined with Septorhinoplasty

Original Research

Blasberg, Elizabeth A.; Golden, Jacquelyn; Rubin, Samuel; Spiegel, Jeffrey H.: Board Certification and Surgeon's Fee for Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
Nishioka, Hiroshi; Hishikawa, Miki; Nagai, Fumio; Yuzuriha, Shunsuke: Morphological Changes in Faces Depending on Posture
Chinski, Hernan; Lerch, Ricardo; Tournour, Damián; Chinski, Luis; Caruso, Diego: An Artificial Intelligence Tool for Image Simulation in Rhinoplasty
Gréant, Elisabeth; Haesendonck, Gilles Van; Faris, Callum: A Buccal Space Approach for Midface Free Flap Reconstruction

Book Review

Letter to the Editor

Schmuter, Gabriella; North, Victoria S.; Tran, Ann Q.; Maniar, Arpita; Kazim, Michael: Alterations in Oculoplastics Practice Patterns during COVID-19: A Call for Preparedness