DOI: 10.1055/s-00035037

Methods of Information in Medicine


Publikationsdatum: 29 Juli 2020

Publikationsdatum: 06 Juli 2020

Publikationsdatum: 14 Juni 2020

Original Article

Schüz, J.; Kovalevskiy, E.; Moissonnier, M.; Olsson, A.; Hashim, D.; Kromhout, H.; Kashanskiy, S.; Chernov, O.; Bukhtiyarov, I.; Ostroumova, E.: Comparison of Two Information Sources for Cause-of-Death Follow-up in the Russian Federation: The Asbest Chrysotile Cohort Study

Original Article for a Focus Theme

Original Article for a Focus Theme

Hua, Andrew; Johnson, Nicole; Quinton, Joshua; Chaudhary, Pratik; Buchner, David; Hernandez, Manuel E.: Design of a Low-Cost, Wearable Device for Kinematic Analysis in Physical Therapy Settings

Publikationsdatum: 07 Mai 2020