DOI: 10.1055/s-00033285

Journal of Academic Ophthalmology

Issue 01 · Volume 14 · January 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-52722

Research Article

Lin, John C.; Lokhande, Anagha; Chen, Allison J.; Scott, Ingrid U.; Greenberg, Paul B.: Characteristics of First-Year Residents in Top-Ranked United States Ophthalmology Residency Programs
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Jeang, Lauren J.; Liechty, Jacob J.; Powell, Asyvia; Schwartz, Christopher; DiSclafani, Mark; Drucker, Mitchell D.; McDowell, William M.: Rate of Posterior Capsule Rupture in Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery by Residents with Institution of a Wet Laboratory Course
Al-khersan, Hasenin; Tanenbaum, Rebecca; Kunkler, Anne L.; Patel, Nimesh A.; Sridhar, Jayanth: Adoption and Use of Social Media Platforms by Ophthalmology Programs during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Aziz, Kanza; Sherif, Noha A.; Meshkin, Ryan S.; Lorch, Alice C.; Armstrong, Grayson W.: Telemedicine Curriculum in an Ophthalmology Residency Program
Alsaloum, Peter; Alsaloum, Matthew; Kim, Tyler J.; Zheng, David X.; Valentim, Carolina C. S.; Muste, Justin C.; Goshe, Jeffrey M.; Singh, Rishi P.: Evaluation of the Content of Ophthalmology Fellowship Program Web sites
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