DOI: 10.1055/s-00000183

Journal of Wrist Surgery

Issue 03 · Volume 09 · June 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-48557



Special Review: Surgeons' Level of Expertise

Crepaldi, Bruno E.; Keating, Cameron; Ek, Eugene T.; Tham, Stephen K. Y.: Medial Femoral Trochlea Graft for Scaphoid Waist Nonunion: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Scientific Article

Chow, Esther M. W.; Lau, Jimmy K. Y.; Liyeung, Lucci L. C.; Chau, W. W.; Mak, Michael C. K.; Tse, W. L.; Ho, P. C.: Functional Outcome for Arthroscopic Treatment of Septic Arthritis of the Wrist
Shoji, Kristin E.; Simeone, F. Joseph; Ozkan, Sezai; Mudgal, Chaitanya S.: Outcomes of Local Bone Graft and Fixation of Proximal Pole Scaphoid Nascent Nonunions and Nonunions
Bäcker, Henrik C.; Freibott, Christina E.; Rizzo, Marco; Lee, Donald H.; Glickel, Steven Z.; Strauch, Robert J.; Rosenwasser, Melvin P.: Thumb Disability Examination (TDX) as a New Reliable Tool for Basal Joint Arthritis
Yamak, Kamil; Karahan, Hüseyin Gökhan; Karatan, Berrak; Kayalı, Cemil; Altay, Taşkın: Evaluation of Flexor Pollicis Longus Tendon Rupture after Treatment of Distal Radius Fracture with the Volar Plate
Eng, Kevin; Gill, Stephen; Hoy, Simon; Shridar, Vivek; Van Zyl, Natasha; Page, Richard: Volar Scaphoid Plating for Nonunion: A Multicenter Case Series Study
Yayac, Michael; Padua, Fortunato G.; Banner, Lauren; Seigerman, Daniel A.; Beredjiklian, Pedro K.; Aita, Daren J.; Fletcher, Daniel: Treatment Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Surgical Treatment for Arthritis of the Distal Radioulnar Joint

Case Report

Kato, Jiro; Tsujii, Masaya; Kitaura, Yukie; Sudo, Akihiro: Surgical Treatment for Delayed Ulnar Carpometacarpal Fracture–Dislocations
Nienstedt, Frank; Mariacher, Markus; Stuflesser, Günther; Berger, Wilhelm: Nascent Malunion of an Isolated Intraarticular Fracture of the Ulnar Head
Mullett, Patrick H.; Willems, Joost; Christensen, Thomas J.: Total Distal Radioulnar Joint Arthroplasty for Paget's Disease of Bone


Atiyya, Ahmed Naeem; Nabil, Amr; El Lattif, Aly Ibrahim Abd; El Saied, Mohamed Nabil; Soliman, Ramy Ahmed: Partial Capitate with/without Hamate Osteotomy in the Treatment of Kienböck's Disease: Influence of the Stage of the Disease on the Midterm Outcome
Kermarrec, Gwénolé; Cohen, Gilles; Upex, Peter; Fontes, Didier: Arthroscopic Foveal Reattachment of the Triangular Fibro Cartilaginous Complex

Survey or Meta-analysis

Rezzadeh, Kevin; Donnelly, Megan; Daar, David; Hacquebord, Jacques: Scaphometacarpal Space and Postoperative Outcomes: A Systematic Review
Bergsma, Minke; Doornberg, Job N.; Hendrickx, Laurent; Hayat, Batur; Kerkhoffs, Gino M.M.J.; Jhadav, Bhavin; Jaarsma, Ruurd L.; Bain, Gregory I.: Interpretations of the Term “Watershed Line” Used as Reference for Volar Plating