DOI: 10.1055/s-00035037

Methods of Information in Medicine

Issue 04/05 · Volume 37 · 1998 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-39037


Original Article

Rassinoux, A.-M.; Miller, R. A.; Baud, R. H.; Scherrer, J.-R.: Modeling Concepts in Medicine for Medical Language Understanding
Tuttle, M. S.; Olson, N. E.; Keck, K. D.; Cole, W. G.; Erlbaum, M. S.; Sherertz, D. D.; Chute, C. G.; Elkin, P. L.; Atkin, G. E.; Kaihoi, B. H.; Safran, C.; Rind, D.; Law, V.: Metaphrase: An Aid to the Clinical Conceptualization and Formalization of Patient Problems in Healthcare Enterprises
Zweigenbaum, P.; Bouaud, J.; Bachimont, B.; Charlet, J.; Séroussi, B.; Boisvieux, J.-F.: From Text to Knowledge: a Unifying Document-Centered View of Analyzed Medical Language
Price, C.; O'Neil, M.; Bentley, T. E.; Brown, P. J. B.: Exploring the Ontology of Surgical Procedures in the Read Thesaurus
Campbell, K. E.; Cohn, S. P.; Chute, C. G.; Shortliffe, E. H.; Rennels, G.: Scalable Methodologies for Distributed Development of Logic-Based Convergent Medical Terminology
Huff, S. M.; Rocha, R. A.; Solbrig, H. R.; Barnes, M. W.; Schrank, S. P.; Smith, M.: Linking a Medical Vocabulary to a Clinical Data Model using Abstract Syntax Notation 1
Rocha, R. A.; Huff, S. M.; Haug, P. J.; Evans, D. A.; Bray, B. E.: Evaluation of a Semantic Data Model for Chest Radiology: Application of aNew Methodology
Degoulet, P.; Sauquet, D.; Jaulent, M.-C.; Zapletal, E.; Lavril, M.: Rationale and Design Considerations for a Semantic Mediator in Health Information Systems
Falasconi, S.; Dazzi, L.; Lanzola, G.; Quaglini, S.; Saracco, R.; Stefanelli, M.: Towards Cooperative Patient Management Through Organizational and Medical Ontologies