DOI: 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 04 · Volume 84 · March 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-39011 Special Issue Cannabis





Biological and Pharmacological Activity

Original Papers

Markos, James Roland; Harris, Hannah M.; Gul, Waseem; ElSohly, Mahmoud A.; Sufka, Kenneth J.: Effects of Cannabidiol on Morphine Conditioned Place Preference in Mice

Natural Product Chemistry and Analytical Studies

Original Papers

Casiraghi, Antonella; Roda, Gabriella; Casagni, Eleonora; Cristina, Cecilia; Musazzi, Umberto Maria; Franzè, Silvia; Rocco, Paolo; Giuliani, Claudia; Fico, Gelsomina; Minghetti, Paola; Gambaro, Veniero: Extraction Method and Analysis of Cannabinoids in Cannabis Olive Oil Preparations
Ibrahim, Elsayed A.; Gul, Waseem; Gul, Shahbaz W.; Stamper, Brandon J.; Hadad, Ghada M.; Abdel Salam, Randa A.; Ibrahim, Amany K.; Ahmed, Safwat A.; Chandra, Suman; Lata, Hemant; Radwan, Mohamed M.; ElSohly, Mahmoud A.: Determination of Acid and Neutral Cannabinoids in Extracts of Different Strains of Cannabis sativa Using GC-FID
Wang, Yan-Hong; Avula, Bharathi; ElSohly, Mahmoud A.; Radwan, Mohamed M.; Wang, Mei; Wanas, Amira S.; Mehmedic, Zlatko; Khan, Ikhlas A.: Quantitative Determination of Δ9-THC, CBG, CBD, Their Acid Precursors and Five Other Neutral Cannabinoids by UHPLC-UV-MS
Gul, Waseem; Gul, Shahbaz W.; Chandra, Suman; Lata, Hemant; Ibrahim, Elsayed A.; ElSohly, Mahmoud A.: Detection and Quantification of Cannabinoids in Extracts of Cannabis sativa Roots Using LC-MS/MS