DOI: 10.1055/s-00035037

Methods of Information in Medicine

Issue 02 · Volume 44 · 2005 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-38294


Blankenbaker, R.; Collen, M. F.; Hyner, G.; Moehr, J. R.: Methods of Information in the Age of Prospective Medicine

Original Article

Estrella, F.; del Frate, C.; Hauer, T.; McClatchey, R.; Odeh, M.; Rogulin, D.; Amendolia, S. R.; Schottlander, D.; Solomonides, T.; Warren, R.: Resolving Clinicians’ Queries Across a Grid’s Infrastructure
Oliveira, I. C.; Oliveira, J. L.; Sanchez, J. P.; López-Alonso, V.; Martin-Sanchez, F.; Maojo, V.; Sousa Pereira, A.: Grid Requirements for the Integration of Biomedical Information Resources for Health Applications
Lloyd, S.; Jirotka, M.; Simpson, A. C.; Highnam, R. P.; Gavaghan, D. J.; Watson, D.; Brady, J. M.: Digital Mammography: A World without Film?
de Alfonso, C.; Blanquer, I.; Hernández, V.: Large Medical Datasets on the Grid
Benkner, S.; Berti, G.; Engelbrecht, G.; Fingberg, J.; Kohring, G.; Middleton, S. E.; Schmidt, R.: GEMSS: Grid-infrastructure for Medical Service Provision
Middleton, S. E.; Herveg, J. A. M.; Crazzolara, F.; Marvin, D.; Poullet, Y.: GEMSS: Privacy and Security for a Medical Grid
Gonzales, J.; Pomel, S.; Breton, V.; Clot, B.; Gutknecht, J. L.; Irthum, B.; Legré, Y.: Empowering Humanitarian Medical Development Using Grid Technology
Bescos, C.; Schmitt, D.; Kass, J.; García-Barbero, M.; Kantchev, P.: Interoperability and HealthGRID
Kalra, D.; Singleton, P.; Milan, J.; MacKay, J.; Detmer, D.; Rector, A.; Ingram, D.: Security and Confidentiality Approach for the Clinical E-Science Framework (CLEF)
Seitz, L.; Pierson, J.-M.; Brunie, L.: Encrypted Storage of Medical Data on a Grid
Slaymaker, M. A.; Politou, E.; Power, D. J.; Lloyd, S.; Simpson, A. C.: Security Aspects of Grid-based Digital Mammography
Andronico, G.; Barbera, R.; Falzone, A.; Lo Re, G.; Pulvirenti, A.; Rodolico, A.: The GENIUS Web Portal
Aloisio, G.; Barba, M. C.; Blasi, E.; Cafaro, M.; Fiore, S.; Mirto, M.: A Web Service-based Grid Portal for Edgebreaker Compression
Cerello, P.; Bagnasco, S.; Bottigli, U.; Cheran, S. C.; Delogu, P.; Fantacci, M. E.; Fauci, F.; Forni, G.; Lauria, A.; Lopez Torres, E.; Magro, R.; Masala, G. L.; Oliva, P.; Palmiero, R.; Ramello, L.; Raso, G.; Retico, A.; Sitta, M.; Stumbo, S.; Tangaro, S.; Zanon, E.: GPCALMA: a Grid-based Tool for Mammographic Screening
Joutchkov, A.; Tverdokhlebov, N.; Yanovsky, A.; Golitsin, S.; Arnautov, S.; Strizh, I.: Libraries of Strategies and Ontology-driven Subject Area Models as “Corner Stones” in Grid Development
Nozaki, K.; Akiyama, T.; Tamagawa, H.; Kato, S.; Mizuno-Matsumoto, Y.; Nakagawa, M.; Maeda, Y.; Shimojo, S.: The First Grid for the Oral and Maxillofacial Region and Its Application for Speech Analysis
Kosaka, T.; Tohsato, Y.; Date, S.; Matsuda, H.; Shimojo, S.: An OGSA-based Integration of Life-scientific Resources for Drug Discovery
Smirnov, A.; Pashkin, M.; Chilov, N.; Levashova, T.; Krizhanovsky, A.: Knowledge Logistics as an Intelligent Service for Healthcare
Terry, P. E.; Masvaure, T. B.; Gavin, L.: HIV/AIDS Health Literacy in Zimbabwe
Chen, J. J.; Weng, L. Y.; Peng, S. M.; Tsai, M. W.; Hsu, M. J.; Huang, C. C.; Lin, S. L.; Liing, R. J.; Hsien, H. W.; Liao, Y. H.: Development of Interesting Step-climbing Styles
Moehr, J. R.; Anglin, C. R.; Schaafsma, J. P.; Pantazi, S. V.; Anglin, S.; Grimm, N. A.: Video Conferencing-based Telehealth