DOI: 10.1055/s-00000017

Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes

Issue 02 · Volume 126 · February 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-38256


Li, Lele; Yang, Guoqing; Dou, Jingtao; Gu, Weijun; Lv, Zhaohui; Lu, Juming; Mu, Yiming: The Role of Cortisol/ACTH Ratio for Screening of Subclinical Hypercortisolism in Patients with Adrenal Incidentalomas
Rosenberg, Nahum; Rosenberg, Orit; Weizman, Abraham; Veenman, Leo; Gavish, Moshe: In vitro Effects of the Specific Mitochondrial TSPO Ligand Ro5 4864 in Cultured Human Osteoblasts
Hermanns, Pia; Kumorowicz-Czoch, Małgorzata; Grasberger, Helmut; Refetoff, Samuel; Pohlenz, Joachim: Novel Mutations in the NKX2.1 gene and the PAX8 gene in a Boy with Brain-Lung-Thyroid Syndrome
Chowdhury, Helena H.; Velebit, Jelena; Mekjavic, Igor B.; Eiken, Ola; Kreft, Marko; Zorec, Robert: Systemic Hypoxia Increases the Expression of DPP4 in Preadipocytes of Healthy Human Participants
Kufeldt, Johannes; Kovarova, Marketa; Adolph, Michael; Staiger, Harald; Bamberg, Michael; Häring, Hans-Ulrich; Fritsche, Andreas; Peter, Andreas: Prevalence and Distribution of Diabetes Mellitus in a Maximum Care Hospital: Urgent Need for HbA1c-Screening