DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Current Issue 01 · Volume 99 · 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-35402

Editorial Focus

Review Article

Stasi, Roberto; Evangelista, Maria Laura; Stipa, Elisa; Buccisano, Francesco; Venditti, Adriano; Amadori, Sergio: Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura: Current concepts in pathophysiology and management
Crescente, Marilena; Castelnuovo, Augusto Di; Iacoviello, Licia; Vermylen, Jos; Cerletti, Chiara; Gaetano, Giovanni de: Response variability to aspirin as assessed by the platelet function analyzer (PFA)-100
Chaukiyal, Pooja; Nautiyal, Amit; Radhakrishnan, Sangeetha; Singh, Sonal; Navaneethan, Sankar D: Thromboprophylaxis in cancer patients with central venous catheters

Blood Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and Cellular Haemostasis

Musso, Roberto; Santagostino, Elena; Faradji, Albert; Iorio, Alfonso; Meer, Jan van der; Ingerslev, Jørgen; Lambert, Thierry; Maas-Enriquez, Monika; Gorina, Eduard; for the KOGENATE Bayer European PMS Study Group: Safety and efficacy of sucrose-formulated full-length recombinant factor VIII: Experience in the standard clinical setting
Pomp, Elisabeth R; Rosendaal, Frits R; Doggen, Carine J. M: Alcohol consumption is associated with a decreased risk of venous thrombosis
Schols, Saskia E. M; Meijden, Paola E. J. van der; Oerle, René van; Curvers, Joyce; Heemskerk, Johan W. M; Pampus, Elisabeth C. M. van: Increased thrombin generation and fibrinogen level after therapeutic plasma transfusion: Relation to bleeding
Schobess, Rosemarie; Kurnik, Karin; Friedrichs, Frauke; Halimeh, Susan; Krümpel, Anne; Bidlingmaier, Christoph; Nowak-Göttl, Ulrike: Effects of primary and secondary prophylaxis on the clinical expression of joint damage in children with severe haemophilia A
Kist, Willem J; Janssen, Nard G; Kalk, Jakoba J; Hague, William M; Dekker, Gustaaf A; de Vries, Johanna I. P.: Thrombophilias and adverse pregnancy outcome – A confounded problem!

Platelets and Blood Cells

Ray, Denise M; Spinelli, Sherry L; Pollock, Stephen J; Murant, Thomas I; O’Brien, Jamie J; Blumberg, Neil; Francis, Charles W; Taubman, Mark B; Phipps, Richard P: Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ and retinoid X receptor transcription factors are released from activated human platelets and shed in microparticles
Mori, Daisuke; Yano, Koichiro; Tsubota, Ken-ichi; Ishikawa, Takuji; Wada, Shigeo; Yamaguchi, Takami: Simulation of platelet adhesion and aggregation regulated by fibrinogen and von Willebrand factor
Sibbing, Dirk; Braun, Siegmund; Jawansky, Stefan; Vogt, Wolfgang; Mehilli, Julinda; Schömig, Albert; Kastrati, Adnan; Beckerath, Nicolas von: Assessment of ADP-induced platelet aggregation with light transmission aggregometry and multiple electrode platelet aggregometry before and after clopidogrel treatment

Letters to the Editor

Folsom, Aaron R; Peacock, James M; Boerwinkle, Eric; Cushman, Mary: β2-adrenergic receptor polymorphism and venous thromboembolism
Palareti, Gualtiero; Agnelli, Giancarlo; Imberti, Davide; Moia, Marco; Ageno, Walter; Pistelli, Riccardo; Rossi, Romina; Verso, Melina; for the MASTER investigators: A commentary: To screen for calf DVT or not to screen? The highly variable practice among Italian centers highlights this important and still unresolved clinical option. Results from the Italian MASTER registry
Marianne, Canonico; Valérie, Olié; Laure, Carcaillon; Pascale, Tubert-Bitter; Pierre-Yves, Scarabin; the EStrogen and THromboEmbolism Risk (ESTHER) Study Group; on behalf of: Synergism between non-O blood group and oral estrogen in the risk of venous thromboembolism among postmenopausal women: The ESTHER study

Wound Healing and Inflammation/Infection

Lijfering, Willem M; Vries, Aiko P. J. de; Veeger, Nic J. G. M; Son, Willem J. van; Bakker, Stephan J. L; Meer, Jan van der: Possible contribution of cytomegalovirus infection to the high risk of (recurrent) venous thrombosis after renal transplantation

Endothelium and Vascular Development

Nadir, Yona; Brenner, Benjamin; Gingis-Velitski, Sveta; Levy-Adam, Flonia; Ilan, Neta; Zcharia, Eyal; Nadir, Erez; Vlodavsky, Israel: Heparanase induces tissue factor pathway inhibitor expression and extracellular accumulation in endothelial and tumor cells

Cardiovascular Biology and Cell Signalling

Butenas, Saulius; Undas, Anetta; Gissel, Matthew T; Szuldrzynski, Konstanty; Zmudka, Krzysztof; Mann, Kenneth G: Factor XIa and tissue factor activity in patients with coronary artery disease
Zeymer, Uwe; Gitt, Anselm; Jünger, Claus; Bauer, Timm; Heer, Tobias; Koeth, Oliver; Wienbergen, Harm; Zahn, Ralf; Senges, Jochen: Efficacy and safety of enoxaparin in unselected patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
Zeymer, Uwe; Gitt, Anselm K; Jünger, Claus; Bauer, Timm; Koeth, Oliver; Heer, Tobias; Mark, Bernd; Zahn, Ralf; Gottwik, Martin; Senges, Jochen: Clopidogrel in addition to aspirin reduces in-hospital major cardiac and cerebrovascular events in unselected patients with acute ST segment elevation myocardial
Angiolillo, Dominick J; Bernardo, Esther; Palazuelos, Jorge; Desai, Bhaloo; Weisberg, Ian; Alfonso, Fernando; Guzman, Luis A; Hernández-Antolin, Rosana; Zenni, Martin Z; Macaya, Carlos; Fernandez-Ortiz, Antonio; Bass, Theodore A: Functional impact of high clopidogrel maintenance dosing in patients undergoing elective percutaneous coronary interventions
Shenhar-Tsarfaty, Shani; Assayag, Einor Ben; Bova, Irena; Shopin, Ludmila; Cohen, Michael; Berliner, Shlomo; Shapira, Itzhak; Bornstein, Natan M: Persistent hyperfibrinogenemia in acute ischemic stroke / transient ischemic attack (TIA)
Trenk, Dietmar; Hochholzer, Willibald; Frundi, Devine; Stratz, Christian; Valina, Christian M; Bestehorn, Hans-Peter; Büttner, Heinz Joachim; Neumann, Franz-Josef: Impact of cytochrome P450 3A4-metabolized statins on the antiplatelet effect of a 600-mg loading dose clopidogrel and on clinical outcome in patients undergoing elective coronary stent placement
Spring, Silviana; Simon, Roger; Loo, Bernd van der; Kovacevic, Tamara; Brockes, Christiane; Rousson, Valentin; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Koppensteiner, Renate: High-dose atorvastatin in peripheral arterial disease (PAD): Effect on endothelial function, intima-media-thickness and local progression of PAD

Animal Models

Schulz, Christian; Konrad, Ildiko; Sauer, Susanne; Orschiedt, Lena; Koellnberger, Maria; Lorenz, Reinhard; Walter, Ulrich; Massberg, Steffen: Effect of chronic treatment with acetylsalicylic acid and clopidogrel on atheroprogression and atherothrombosis in ApoE-deficient mice in vivo
Torzewski, Michael; Reifenberg, Kurt; Cheng, Fei; Wiese, Elena; Küpper, Ines; Crain, Jeanine; Lackner, Karl J; Bhakdi, Sucharit: No effect of C-reactive protein on early atherosclerosis in LDLR-/- / human C-reactive protein transgenic mice

New Technologies, Diagnostic Tools and Drugs

Constans, Joel; Salmi, Louis-Rachid; Sevestre-Pietri, Marie-Antoinette; Perusat, Sophie; Nguon, Monika; Degeilh, Maryse; Labarere, Jose; Gattolliat, Olivier; Boulon, Carine; Laroche, Jean-Pierre; Roux, Philippe Le; Pichot, Olivier; Quéré, Isabelle; Conri, Claude; Bosson, Jean-Luc: A clinical prediction score for upper extremity deep venous thrombosis
Jakubowski, Joseph A; Payne, Christopher D; Li, Ying G; Farid, Nagy A; Brandt, John T; Small, David S; Salazar, Daniel E; Winters, Kenneth J: A comparison of the antiplatelet effects of prasugrel and high-dose clopidogrel as assessed by VASP-phosphorylation and light transmission aggregometry
Couturaud, Francis; Duchemin, Jèrôme; Leroyer, Christophe; Delahousse, Bènèdicte; Abgrall, Jean François; Mottier, Dominique; for the Groupe d’Etude de la Thrombose de Bretagne Occidentale (G.E.T.B.O): Thrombin generation in first-degree relatives of patients with venous thromboembolism who have factor V Leiden
Gibson, Nadine S; Sohne, Maaike; Kruip, Marieke J. H. A; Tick, Lidwine W; Gerdes, Victor E; Bossuyt, Patrick M; Wells, Philip S; Buller, Harry R; the Christopher study investigators; on behalf of: Further validation and simplification of the Wells clinical decision rule in pulmonary embolism

New Technologies. Diagnostic Tools and Drugs


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