DOI : 10.1055/s-00000059


Current Issue 07 · Volume 70 · July 2016 DOI: 10.1055/s-006-32074

5th DZL International Symposium – “Networks in Lung Research”
Hamburg, 16.-17. Juni 2016

Tagungspräsidenten: Klaus F. Rabe – Heinz Fehrenbach – Matthias V. Kopp – Peter Zabel

Griss, K; Han, M; Nell, C; Bertrams, W; Seidel, K; Klemmer, A; Klapdor, B; Sittka-Stark, A; Hippenstiel, S; Schmeck, B: miRNAs as biomarkers in pneumonia and COPD-exacerbation
Mijosek, V; Lasitschka, F; Warth, A; Zabeck, H; Dalpke, A; Weitnauer, M: Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Is a Danger Signal Boosting Inflammatory Responses in Bronchial Epithelial Cells
Wacker, ME; Jörres, RA; Schulz, H; Heinrich, J; Karrasch, S; Karch, A; Koch, A; Leidl, R; Vogelmeier, C; Holle, R: The effect of comorbidities and respiratory symptoms on healthcare costs in patients with COPD. Results from the COSYCONET cohort
Brown, RR; Small, DM; Abladey, AA; Holsinger, LJ; Booth, R; Scott, CJ; Elborn, JS; Mall, MA; Weldon, S; Taggart, CC: Investigating the role of cathepsin S in the pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis-like lung disease
Wolff, M; Hammer, B; Reuter, S; Bartel, S; Krauss-Etschmann, S; Fehrenbach, H: Identification of biomarkers predicting COPD exacerbations
Karrasch, S; Schäfer, J; Kiehl, G; Lucke, T; Sußmann, M; Luzak, A; Ochmann, U; Nowak, D; Jörres, RA; Vogelmeier, C; Watz, H; Schulz, H: Accelerometric assessment of physical activity in COPD: Correlation between measures by two different devices
Leutz, P; Wielpütz, MO; Kauczor, HU; Weinheimer, O; Skornitzke, S; Pahn, G; Stiller, W; Puderbach, M: Influence of Exposure Parameters and Iterative Reconstruction on MDCT-based Lung Densitometry – An ex vivo Phantom Study
Thiedmann, M; Prange, R; Bhandari, A; Kallsen, K; Fink, C; Roeder, T: Cigarette smoke exposure induces substantial changes in the airway epithelium of a Drosophila COPD model
Jobst, B; Melzig, C; Biederer, J; Burmester, K; Triphan, S; Schliebus, J; Fellhauer, I; Karch, A; Heussel, CP; Kauczor, HU: MRI and CT phenotyping of 600 subjects from the German COPD trial COSYCONET: study concept and current status
Rafiq, A; Deckmann, K; Bodenbenner-Türich, M; Kummer, W: Optogenetic mouse strains for studying airway innervation
Obernolte, H; Ritter, D; Knebel, J; Braubach, P; Jonigk, D; Warnecke, G; Krüger, M; Fieguth, HG; Pfennig, O; Braun, A; Sewald, K: Cigarette Smoke and Cigarette Smoke Condensate Induce Inflammation and Cytotoxicity in Precision-Cut Lung Slices (PCLS)
Krause, T; Ramaker, K; Röckendorf, N; Sinnecker, H; Frey, A: Airway mucins – suitable biomarkers to predict an upcoming exacerbation in COPD and asthma?
Soultanova, A; Cen, C; Fleck, K; Krasteva-Christ, G; Boehm, U; Wienhold, SM; Müller-Redetzky, H; Witzenrath, M; Kummer, W: Chemosensory cholinergic signaling network in the thymic medullary epithelium
Haider, G; Wiegand, S; Spies, E; Braun, A; Kummer, W; Nassenstein, C: Effects of TRPA1 agonists on murine airways
Delventhal, L; Wiegand, S; Kummer, W; Nassenstein, C: Characterization of cellular sources for non-quantal ACh release in mouse airways
Schulz-Hildebrandt, H; Pieper, M; Kasper, J; Traulsen, N; Mall, M; König, P; Hüttmann, G: Towards automated evaluation of mucus transport measured by microscopic OCT (mOCT) during hypertonic saline treatment of Cystic Fibrosis