DOI: 10.1055/s-00000076

Seminars in Speech and Language

Issue 03 · Volume 34 · August 2013 DOI: 10.1055/s-003-25882 Early Intervention for Acquired Neurological Disorders Guest Editor, Lyn S. Turkstra, Ph.D.

Godecke, Erin; Rai, Tapan; Ciccone, Natalie; Armstrong, Elizabeth; Granger, Andrew; Hankey, Graeme J.: Amount of Therapy Matters in Very Early Aphasia Rehabilitation after Stroke: A Clinical Prognostic Model
La Rue, Asenath; Felten, Kristen; Duschene, Kathie; MacFarlane, Dana; Price, Susan; Zimmerman, Suanne; Hafez, Stephanie: Language-Enriched Exercise plus Socialization for Older Adults with Dementia: Translation to Rural Communities
Ciucci, Michelle R.; Grant, Laura M.; Rajamanickam, Eunice S. Paul; Hilby, Breanna L.; Blue, Katherine V.; Jones, Corinne A.; Kelm-Nelson, Cynthia A.: Early Identification and Treatment of Communication and Swallowing Deficits in Parkinson Disease