DOI : 10.1055/s-00000041


Issue 02 · Volume 44 · March 2013 DOI: 10.1055/s-003-24657

Abstracts of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Society of Neuropediatrics
Innsbruck, 25th to 28th April 2013

Chair: PD Dr. Kevin Rostásy, Kinderklinik Innsbruck, Medizinische Universität Innsbruck

Poretti, A; Rostásy, K; Wei, XC; Fauth, C; Koch, J; Hader, WJ; Valente, EM; Huisman, TAGM; Boltshauser, E: Tectocerebellar dysraphism with occipital encephalocele is part of the Joubert syndrome spectrum
Bosemani, T; Boltshauser, E; Staudt, M; Flores-Sarnat, L; Bürki, S; Pieper, T; Sarnat, HB; Wei, XC; Hartman, AL; Huisman, TAGM; Poretti, A: Hemimegalencephaly: involvement of cranial nerves and intracranial vessels
Eisenkölbl, A; Rossegg, U; Biebl, A; Schwarz, R; Weissensteiner, M; Wiesinger-Eidenberger, G: Kernicterus: a case study
Siegel, C; Haack, TB; Makowski, C; Tauer, U; Oexle, K; Walther, A; Wieland, T; Meitinger, T; Strom, TM; Prokisch, H; Hempel, M: Band-like calcification with simplified gyration and polymicrogyria: further delineation of phenotype and review of literature
Elpers, C; Fiedler, B; Schwindt, W; Henkes, H; Omran, H; Stummer, W; Kurlemann, G: Rare cause of oculomotor palsy