DOI: 10.1055/s-00000077

Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis

Issue 01 · Volume 33 · February 2007 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-5497 Role of Seminal Hemostatic Factors and Semenogelins in the Reproductive Tract Bashir A Lwaleed Ph.D. Alan J Cooper Ph.D.


Lwaleed, Bashir A.; Goyal, Anuj; Delves, George H.; Cooper, Alan J.: Seminal Hemostatic Factors: Then and Now
Van Dreden, Patrick; Audrey, Carlo; Aurélie, Rousseau: Human Seminal Plasma Fibrinolytic Activity
España, Francisco; Navarro, Silvia; Medina, Pilar; Zorio, Esther; Estellés, Amparo: The Role of Protein C Inhibitor in Human Reproduction
Metafora, Salvatore; Esposito, Carla; Caputo, Ivana; Lepretti, Marilena; Cassese, Diana; Dicitore, Alessandra; Ferranti, Pasquale; Stiuso, Paola: Seminal Vesicle Protein IV and Its Derived Active Peptides: A Possible Physiological Role in Seminal Clotting
Delves, George H.; Stewart, Alistair B.; Cooper, Alan J.; Lwaleed, Bashir A.: Prostasomes, Angiogenesis, and Tissue Factor
Babiker, Adil A.; Nilsson Ekdahl, Kristina; Nilsson, Bo; Ronquist, Gunnar: Prothrombotic Effects of Prostasomes Isolated from Prostatic Cancer Cell Lines and Seminal Plasma
Lockwood, Charles J.; Krikun, Graciela; Rahman, Mizanur; Caze, Rebeca; Buchwalder, Lynn; Schatz, Frederick: The Role of Decidualization in Regulating Endometrial Hemostasis during the Menstrual Cycle, Gestation, and in Pathological States