DOI: 10.1055/s-00000048

Osteosynthesis and Trauma Care

Issue 01 · Volume 14 · February 2006 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-4717

Review Article

Muller, S.; de Weerdt, S.; de Lange-de Klerk, E. S. M.; Veenings, B.; Patka, P.; Bakker, F. C.: Functioning of A&E Doctors: Baseline Measurement in a Dutch University Hospital
Derksen, R. J.; Bakker, F. C.; Geervliet, P. C.; Spaans, I. M.; Veenings, B.; Patka, P.; Haarman, H. J. T. M.: First Experience with Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in Dutch Emergency Departments; (Dis)Advantages to the Development

Original Article

Platzer, P.; Thalhammer, G.; Obradovic, A.; Wieland, T.; Vécsei, V.; Gäbler, C.: Thromboembolic Complications after Spinal Surgery
Vesel, M.; Straus, I.; Al Mawed, S.; Dobravec, M.; Jug, M.: Angular Stable Plates in Lower Cervical Spine Fractures
Blum, J.; Hansen, M.; Sternstein, W.; Pullig, A.; Rommens, P. M.: Humeral Nailing: A Biomechanical Comparison of Stryker T2 and Synthes UHN
Kraus, R.; Ploss, C.; Staub, L.; Lieber, J.; Alt, V.; Weinberg, A.; Worel, A.; Schneidmüller, D.; Röder, C.: Fractures of Long Bones in Children and Adolescents
Otto, T. E.; Patka, P.; Haarman, H. J. T. M.: A Standard Closed Fracture in the Goat Tibia
Otto, T. E.; van Lingen, A.; Patka, P.; Lips, P.; Haarman, H. J. T. M.: Regional Bone Loss after Tibial Fracture in the Goat