DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 09 · Volume 35 · September 2003 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-2768

Original Article

Maeda, S.; Hayashi , H.; Hosokawa , O.; Dohden , K.; Hattori , M.; Morita , M.; Kidani , E.; Ibe , N.; Tatsumi , S.: Prospective Randomized Pilot Trial of Selective Biliary Cannulation Using Pancreatic Guide-Wire Placement
Ginnerup Pedersen , B.; Christiansen , T. E. M.; Bjerregaard , N. C.; Ljungmann , K.; Laurberg , S.: Colonoscopy and Multidetector-Array Computed-Tomographic Colonography: Detection Rates and Feasibility


Expert Approach Section

Shim, C. S.; Neuhaus, H.; Tamada, K.: Direct Cholangioscopy

Kos Symposium

Axon, A. T.; Aabakken, L.; Malfertheiner, P.; Danielides, I.; Ladas, S.; Hochberger, J.; Williams, C.; Campbell, D.; Zakaria, M. S.: Recommendations of the ESGE Workshop on Ethics in Teaching and Learning Endoscopy
Devière, J.; Ponchon, T.; Beilenhoff, U.; Neuhaus, H.; Costamagna, G.; Schmit, A.; Kruse, A.; Spičak, J.; Nowak, A.: Recommendations of the ESGE Workshop on Ethical-Legal Issues Concerning Live Demonstrations in Digestive Endoscopy
Devière, J.; Hochberger, J.; Neuhaus, H.; Ponchon, T.; Eugenidis, N.; Neumann, C.; Ladas, S.: Recommendations of the ESGE Workshop on Ethical, Clinical, and Economic Dilemmas Arising from the Implementation of New Techniques
Stanciu, C.; Novis, B.; Ladas, S.; Sommerville, A.; Zabovowski, P.; Isaacs, P.; Papatheodoridis, G.; James, T.: Recommendations of the ESGE Workshop on Informed Consent for Digestive Endoscopy
Malfertheiner, P.; Mantzaris, G. J.; Farhing, M.; Niv, Y.; Escourrou, J.; Treiber, G.; Di Mario, F.; Reymond, M. A.: Recommendations of the ESGE Workshop on Ethics in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy-Based Research
Kruse, A.; Misiewicz, J. J.; Rokkas, T.; Hammer, H.; Niv, Y.; Allison, M.; Kouroumalis, E.; Campbell, D.: Recommendations of the ESGE Workshop on the Ethics of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Placement for Nutritional Support

ESGE/ESGENA Guidelines


Case Report

Sakamoto, I.; Watanabe, S.; Sakuma, T.; Igarashi, M.; Koike, J.; Shirai, T.; Sadahiro, S.; Nakamura, M.; Mine, T.: Intramucosal Adenocarcinoma of the Appendix: How to Find and How to Treat
Rutter, M.; Saunders, B.; Emmanuel, A.; Price, A.: Endoscopic Snare Polypectomy for Bleeding Postinflammatory Polyps
Annema, J. T.; Veseliç, M.; Versteegh, M. I. M.; Rabe, K. F.: Mediastinitis Caused by EUS-FNA of a Bronchogenic Cyst

Letter to the Editor

Matsumoto, A.; Matsushita, M.; Inokuchi, H.: How Should Isolated Gastric Fundal Varices Be Treated?
Seewald, S.; Soehendra, N.: Reply to Matsumoto et al.
Wai, C. T.; Ho, K. Y.: Reply to Syn et al.

Unusual Cases and Technical Notes

Aabakken, L.; Scholz, T.; Østensen, A. B.; Emblem, R.; Jermstad, T.: Capsule Endoscopy Is Feasible in Small Children
Aabakken, L.; Blomhoff, J. P.; Jermstad, T.; Lynge, A. B.: Capsule Endoscopy in a Patient with Zenker’s Diverticulum
Marques Chaves, D.; Matuguma, S.; Sakai, P.; Penagos, S.; Ishioka, S.: Hand-Made Loop Applied With Snare to Prevent Postpolypectomy Bleeding
Benter , T.; Klühs , L.; Teichgräber , U. K. M.; Riechert , F.; Ludwig , W. D.; Dörken , B.: Need for Safety Goggles for Endoscopy