DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 11 · Volume 33 · November 2012 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-23926

Physiology & Biochemistry

Yeo, Z. W.; Fan, P.W. P.; Nio, A.Q. X.; Byrne, C.; Lee, J.K. W.: Ice Slurry on Outdoor Running Performance in Heat

Training & Testing

Bastos, F. N.; Vanderlei, L.C. M.; Nakamura, F. Y.; Bertollo, M.; Godoy, M. F.; Hoshi, R. A.; Junior, J. N.; Pastre, C. M.: Effects of Cold Water Immersion and Active Recovery on Post-Exercise Heart Rate Variability
de Koning, J. J.; Noordhof, D. A.; Lucia, A.; Foster, C.: Factors Affecting Gross Efficiency in Cycling
Hammouda, O.; Chtourou, H.; Chahed, H.; Ferchichi, S.; Chaouachi, A.; Kallel, C.; Miled, A.; Chamari, K.; Souissi, N.: High Intensity Exercise Affects Diurnal Variation of Some Biological Markers in Trained Subjects
de Aguiar, R. A.; Turnes, T.; de Oliveira Cruz, R. S.; Caputo, F.: VO2 Responses to Running Speeds Above Intermittent Critical Speed
Winkler, B. E.; Koch, A.; Schoeppenthau, H.; Ludwig, T.; Tetzlaff, K.; Hartig, F.; Kaehler, W.; Koehler, A.; Kanstinger, A.; Ciscato, W.; Muth, C.-M.: Effects of FLIRT on Bubble Growth in Man

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Wu, H.-W.; Hsieh, H.-M.; Chang, Y.-W.; WANG, L.-H.: Lower Limb Loading in Step Aerobic Dance
Berger, M. J.; McKenzie, C. A.; Chess, D. G.; Goela, A.; Doherty, T. J.: Sex Differences in Quadriceps Strength in OA
Strutzenberger, G.; Braig, M.; Sell, S.; Boes, K.; Schwameder, H.: Effect of Brace Design on Patients with ACL-Ruptures
Knapik, J.; Montain, S. J.; McGraw, S.; Grier, T.; Ely, M.; Jones, B. H.: Stress Fracture Risk Factors in Basic Combat Training