DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 07 · Volume 41 · July 2009 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-19286

Original article

Negrin Dastis, S.; François, E.; Deviere, J.; Hittelet, A.; Ilah Mehdi, A.; Barea, M.; Dumonceau, J. -M.: Intragastric balloon for weight loss: results in 100 individuals followed for at least 2.5 years
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Imazu, H.; Sumiyama, K.; Ikeda, K.; Uchiyama, Y.; Aihara, H.; Kakutani, H.; Kaise, M.; Ang, T. L.; Omar, S.; Tajiri, H.: A pilot study of EUS-guided hot saline injection for induction of pancreatic tissue necrosis
Groenen, M. J. M.; Ajodhia, S.; Wynstra, J. Y. F.; Lesterhuis, W.; van de Weijgert, E. J. H. M; Kuipers, E. J.; Ouwendijk, R. J. T.: A cost-benefit analysis of endoscopy reporting methods: handwritten, dictated and computerized



Expert approach



Bourreille, A.; Ignjatovic, A.; Aabakken, L.; Loftus Jr, E. V.; Eliakim, R.; Pennazio, M.; Bouhnik, Y.; Seidman, E.; Keuchel, M.; Albert, J. G.; Ardizzone, S.; Bar-Meir, S.; Bisschops, R.; Despott, E. J.; Fortun, P. F.; Heuschkel, R.; Kammermeier, J.; Leighton, J. A.; Mantzaris, G. J.; Moussata, D.; Lo, S.; Paulsen, V.; Panés, J.; Radford-Smith, G.; Reinisch, W.; Rondonotti, E.; Sanders, D. S.; Swoger, J. M.; Yamamoto, H.; Travis, S.; Colombel, J.-F.; Van Gossum, A.: Role of small-bowel endoscopy in the management of patients with inflammatory bowel disease: an international OMED–ECCO consensus

UEGW Report 2008

Letters to the editor

Bellutti, M.; Fry, L. C.; Dombrowksi, F.; Malfertheiner, P.; Mönkemüller, K.: Reply to Gonen et al.