DOI: 10.1055/s-00000054


Issue 04 · Volume 19 · July 1986 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-10188


Schizophrenia and Antipsychotic Drugs Introductory Papers

Langer, G.; Ackenheil, M.; Dixon, A. K.; Kurtz-May, G.; Möller, H. J.; Müller-Spahn, F.; Pietzcker, A.; Saletu, B.; Schönbeck, G.: The Psychopharmacology and Neuroendocrinology of Neuroleptics: The State of the Art from a Clinical Perspective
Christensen, A. V.; Greil, W.; Haag, H.; Havemann, U.; Kehr, W.; Kuschinsky, K.; Porsolt, R. D.; Rüther, E.; Tegeler, J.: Animal Models for Assessing Extrapyramidal-Motor Side-Effects of Neuroleptics
Pietzcker, A.; Gaebel, W.; Köpcke, W.; Linden, M.; Müller, P.; Müller-Spahn, F.; Schüssler, G.; Tegeler, J.: A German Multicenter Study on the Neuroleptic Long-term Therapy of Schizophrenic Patients
Bender, W.; Haag, M.; Haag, H.; Greil, W.; Engel, R.: Compliance in Psychiatry: Development of a Patient Questionnaire
Maier, W.; Philipp, M.; Schlegel, S.; Heuser, I.; Buller, R.; Frommberger, U.; Wetzel, H.; Wilhelmi, D.; Wittenborg, A.; Demuth, W.: Operational Diagnoses for Schizophrenic and Schizoaffective Disorders
Philipp, M.; Maier, W.; Frommberger, U.; Wilhelmi, D.; Wetzel, H.; Schlegel, S.; Buller, R.; Heuser, I.; Demuth, W.; Wittenborg, A.: Operational Diagnoses for Schizophrenic and Schizoaffective Disorders
Bohl, J.; Störkel, St.; Schulze, E.; Tschank, G.; Haas, St.; Krausbeck, E.; Gather, W.; Katzman, K.; Brocks, D.: Alzheimer's Disease: A Cerebral Amyloidosis
A Cooperative Study to Correlate Clinical, Biochemical and Pathologic-anatomical Findings
Ruhland, M.; Tulp, M.; Muesch, H. R.; Fuchs, A. M.: Timelotem - an Antipsychotic Benzodiazepine Derivative
Naber, D.; Albus, M.; Bürke, H.; Müller-Spahn, F.; Münch, U.; Reinertshofer, T.; Wissmann, J.; Ackenheil, M.: Neuroleptic Withdrawal in Chronic Schizophrenia.
CT and Endocrine Variables are not Valid Predictors of Psychopathological Changes
Schreiber, W.; Kissling, W.; Möller, H. J.; Bäuml, J.; Gain, T.; Bottermann, P.: TRH-Test and Psychiatric Disorders
Laakmann, G.; Neuhauser, H.; Hinz, A.; Neulinger, E.; Wittmann, M.: Stimulation of Growth Hormone, Prolactin, and Cortisol by GHRH and DMI in Depressed Patients
Laakmann, G.; Hinz, A.; Munz, T.; Schoen, H.-W.; Wittmann, M.; Zygan, K.: Interactions of Alpha-2/Beta Receptors and DMI-lnduced GH, PRL and Cortisol Stimulation
Laakmann, G.; Hinz, A.; Neulinger, E.; Strauss, A.; Wittmann, M.: DMI-Induced Growth Hormone Stimulation in Healthy Subjects and Depressed Patients
Kapfhammer, H. P.; Hoff, P.; Golling, H.; Rüther, E.; Schmauss, M.: Cimoxatone and Moclobemide, Two New MAO-lnhibitors, in the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder
Hoff, P.; Golling, H.; Kapfhammer, H. P.; Lund, R.; Pakesch, G.; Rüther, E.; Schmauss, M.: Cimoxaton and Moclobemid, Two New MAO-lnhibitors:
Influence on Sleep Parameters in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder
Giedke, H.; Axmann, D.; Gaertner, H. J.; Rein, W.; Rötzer-Zimmer, F. T.: Psychophysiological Predictors of Antidepressant Therapy Response?
Möller, H. J.; Kissling, W.; Tavan, S.; Winter, I.: Is Carbamazepine Able to Increase the Antimanic Effect of Haloperidol?
Cabrera, J. F.; Mühlbauer, H. D.; Schley, J.; Stoll, K. D.; Müller-Oerlinghausen, B.: Long-term randomized Clinical Trial on Oxcarbazepine vs Lithium in Bipolar and Schizoaffective Disorders: Preliminary Results.
Dirschedl, P.; Grohmann, R.; Schmidt, L. G.: Reliability of Adverse Drug Reaction Assessment
Spieß-Kiefer, C.; Grohmann, R.; Rennig, E.; Rüther, E.; Scherer, J.; Schmidt, L. G.: Acute Delirious Syndromes due to Psychotropic Drugs
Wolf, B.; Rüther, E.; Brenner, P.-M.; Poser, W.; Schmidt, L. G.: Abuse of and Dependence on Stimulants and Anorexigenic Drugs in Psychiatric Inpatients
Grohmann, R.; Dirschedl, P.; Rennig, E.; Scherer, J.; Schmidt, L. G.: Methodological Problems in Assessment of Adverse Drug Reactions with Drug Combinations
Waldmeier, P. C.; Bischoff, S.; Bittiger, H.; Hauser, K.; Vassout, A.; Delini-Stula, A.; Haeusler, A.; Schenkel, L.; Storni, A.: Pharmacological Profiles of Four New Tetracyclic Dopamine Antagonists, Maroxepine, Citatepine, Eresepine, and Cipazoxapine
Berger, M.; Krieg, J. C.; Rummler, R.; Raptis, C.; Morinigo, A.; Dose, M.; Benker, B.: The Treatment of Mania with the Cholinomimetic Drug RS 86

Discusion groups

Bischoff, S.; Bürki, H. R.; Emrich, H. M.; Jaeckel, J.; Kornhuber, J.; Ruhland, M.; Schmid, W. J.; Woggon, B.: Biochemical and Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Neuroleptics, Alternatives to the Classical Dopamine Hypothesis: Minutes of the Discussion Group

Methodological Problems in Planning, Performing and Analysing of Long-Term Studies with psychotropic Drugs

Methodology of Clinical Trials

Pharmaco-EEG, Sleep,Neuropsychophysiology

Wiegand, M.; Berger, M.; Zulley, J.; von Zerssen, D.: The Effect of Trimipramine on Sleep in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder

Antipsychotic Drugs and Extrapyramidal Side-Effects

Antipsychotic Drugs:Clinical Studies and Psychophysiology

Immunology and Neuroendocrinology in Psychic Disorders

Moises, H. W.; Beck, J.; Schindler, L.; Kirchner, H.: Decreased Interferon Production in Schizophrenic Patients

Antidepressant Drugs



Adverse Drug Reactions(The AMüP Study Group)

Experimental Pharmacology

Bering, B.; Spira, F.; Schanz, H.; Gattaz, W. F.; Müller, W. E.: Do Human Erythrocyte Membranes Contain Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptors?

Drug Epidemiology

Koenig, W.; Rüther, E.; Filipiak, B.; Keil, U.: Determinants of Psychotropic Drug Intake in a Metropolitan Population

Workshop on One Case Experiments in Pharmacopsychiatry - Possibilities and Limitations

Workshop on New Aspects of the Placebo Problem