J Am Acad Audiol 2019; 30(04): 338-339
DOI: 10.3766/jaaa.304ceu
JAAA CEU Program
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JAAA CEU Program

Volume 30, Number 4 (April 2019)
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Publication Date:
26 May 2020 (online)


    Questions refer to Searchfield, “A Client Oriented Scale of Improvement in Tinnitus for Therapy Goal Planning and Assessing Outcomes,” 327–337.

    Learner Outcomes:

    Readers of this article should be able to:

    • List typical client focused tinnitus treatment goals.

    • Describe how the COSIT can be applied in clinical practice.

    CEU Questions:

    1. The original COSI was published by Dillon et al in:

      • 2006

      • 2000

      • 1987

    2. To administer the COSIT participants were asked?

      • How much of a problem their tinnitus was during the previous week.

      • Five improvements that they hoped to realize with tinnitus therapy.

      • To list their preferences for different therapy options.

    3. The COSIT outcomes were compared to:

      • TFI, THI and THQ

      • TPFQ, TFI and THI

      • TFI, THI and HHI

    4. What was the most frequent COSIT goal?

      • Getting to sleep

      • Hear better

      • Cope with or control tinnitus

    5. Most participants identified this many treatment goals:

      • Five

      • Four

      • Three

    6. How much of the time were participants annoyed by their tinnitus following therapy?

      • Half the time (score 3)

      • Occasionally (score 4)

      • Hardly ever (score 5)

    7. Most participants reported their tinnitus was what following therapy?

      • Worse (score 1)

      • No different (score 2)

      • Better (score 3)

    8. The COSIT final score was most strongly correlated with which questionnaire?

      • TFI

      • THI

      • THQ

    9. The COSIT change score was most strongly correlated with which questionnaire?

      • TFI

      • THI

      • THQ

    10. Based on this study’s recommendations which COSIT goal should be given priority?

      • The goal rated as highest priority by client

      • The goal driving the most symptoms

      • The goal most easily achievable with therapy


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