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Issue 01/2021

Issue 03/2020

Raghunadh, Akula; Tadiparthi, Krishnaji; Meruva, Suresh Babu; Murthy, V. Narayana; Rao, L. Vaikunta; Kumar, U. K. Syam: Synthesis of Quinoxalin-2(1H)-ones and Hexahydroquinoxalin-2(1H)-ones via Oxidative Amidation–Heterocycloannulation

Issue 01/2021

Issue 04/2020

Rickertsen, Dillon R. L.; Ma, Longle; Paul, Anirudra; Abboud, Khalil A.; Seidel, Daniel: Traceless Redox-Annulations of Alicyclic Amines

Issue 02/2021

Oger, Samuel; Baguia, Hajar; Phan, Tuan-Anh; Teunens, Titouan; Beaudelot, Jérôme; Moucheron, Cécile; Evano, Gwilherm: [Cu(bcp)(DPEphos)]+: A Versatile and Efficient Copper-Based Photoredox Catalyst and Photosensitizer

Issue 03/2021

Dutta, Subhradeep; Li, Bowen; Rickertsen, Dillon R. L.; Valles, Daniel A.; Seidel, Daniel: C–H Bond Functionalization of Amines: A Graphical Overview of Diverse Methods

Issue 01/2021