Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2008; 56(4): 243-245
DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-989459
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Giant Epidermoid Cyst in the Sternum Region

O. Solak1 , K. Tunay1 , N. T. Haktanir2 , K. Ocalan1 , H. Esme1 , C. Tokyol3
  • 1Department of Thoracic Surgery, Kocatepe University, School of Medicine, Afyon, Turkey
  • 2Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery, Kocatepe University, School of Medicine, Afyon, Turkey
  • 3Department of Pathology, Kocatepe University, School of Medicine, Afyon, Turkey
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Received October 8, 2007

Publication Date:
15 May 2008 (online)


Epidermoid, dermoid, and teratoid cysts are dysontogenic cystic lesions. While a dermoid cyst has an epidermal lining with skin adnexa such as hair follicles and sebaceous glands, the epidermoid cyst contains no such adnexa. Teratoid cysts have been rarely described in the floor of the mouth. These cysts contain respiratory, gastrointestinal, and connective tissues such as bundles of striated muscle and distinct areas of fat [[1]].

Epidermoid cysts are frequently located on the head and in the neck region [[1], [2], [3]]. Localization of epidermoid cysts in the sternum region has been reported only in one patient in the literature [[2]].

We describe here a rare case of an epidermoid cyst in the sternum region in a 61-year-old man, with a review of the literature.


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