Endoscopy 2005; 37(6): 591-593
DOI: 10.1055/s-2005-861320
Case Report
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Extraction of Entrapped Capsules from the Small Bowel by Means of Push-and-Pull Enteroscopy with the Double-Balloon Technique

A.  May1 , L.  Nachbar1 , C.  Ell1
  • 1Dept. of Internal Medicine II, HSK Wiesbaden (Teaching Hospital of the University of Mainz), Wiesbaden, Germany
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Publication History

Submitted 21 December 2004

Accepted after Revision 12 January 2005

Publication Date:
03 June 2005 (online)

The new technique of push-and-pull enteroscopy using the double-balloon technique (double-balloon enteroscopy) makes it possible to remove swallowed foreign bodies causing intestinal obstruction deep in the small bowel without the need for surgical laparotomy. This report describes two cases of enteroscopic removal of entrapped capsules. In one patient with acute recurrent intestinal bleeding and recurrent abdominal pain, Crohn’s disease had been suspected on capsule endoscopy. The second patient, with known Crohn’s disease, was suffering from abdominal pain and underwent capsule endoscopy for investigation of the small bowel. Prior enteroclysis had not revealed stenoses in either patient. An oral approach was chosen and the capsules were identified approximately 140 cm and 310 cm from the pylorus, respectively, in front of stenoses. The capsule endoscopes were removed successfully in both patients by means of push-and-pull enteroscopy using a new enteroscope device.

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