Osteosynthesis and Trauma Care 2002; 10(4): 208-212
DOI: 10.1055/s-2002-39283
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Retrograde Nailing of the Femur. Our Clinical Experience

J. Gliatis1 , G. Galanopoulos1 , P. Megas1 , E. Lambiris1
  • 1University Hospital of Patra, Rion Patra, Greece
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26 May 2003 (online)


During the period 1997-2000 45 patients with 49 fractures of the distal femur, were treated with retrograde intramedullary nail. 39 patients with 43 fractures were available for the final follow-up in a mean time of 19.3 months. 10 patients had periprosthetic fractures, 2 non-unions after previous failed fixation and 1 pathological fracture. Union was achieved in all the patients except one at 11.3 weeks average time. There were 2 malunions needed re-operation. From the rest of the patients there were 4 with an excellent, 16 with a good and 14 with a fair result. There was one superficial infection, treated conservatively. 5 interlocking screws in 3 patients were broken. Retrograde nailing of the distal femur appears as a reliable technique for supra-intraarticular and supracondylar fractures. However a prerequisite is a precise intraoperative reduction.


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