Osteosynthesis and Trauma Care 2002; 10(Suppl 1): S52-S53
DOI: 10.1055/s-2002-33843
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Late Functional Results of Humeral Fractures Treated with the Telescopic Locking Nail®

J. P. A. M. Verbruggen, S. Adriaens, J.  W. J. L.  Stapert
  • University Hospital Maastricht, The Netherlands
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11. September 2002 (online)

In the treatment of humeral fractures, the standard therapy still is non-operative. However there are generally accepted indications for operative treatment of humeral shaft fractures: polytrauma, open fractures, neurovascular lesions, bilateral humeral fractures, floating elbow, inability to maintain reduction. These indications constitute a negative sample of the humeral fractures and are so called problem fractures. In order to treat these, a stable implant is mandatory. The Telescopic Locking Nail® is developed for this kind of fractures. It's a straight nail with a central diameter of 7.6 mm and at both ends a diameter of 9 mm to allow strong locking bolts of 4.6 mm to increase stability.

J. P. A. M. Verbruggen

University Hospital

PB 5800

6202 AZ Maastricht

The Netherlands