Osteosynthesis and Trauma Care 2002; 10(Suppl 1): S32-S35
DOI: 10.1055/s-2002-33832
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Clinical and Radiographic Results with the Fixion® Intramedullary Nail: An Inflatable Self-Locking System for Long Bone Fractures

S. Lepore1 , N. Capuano1 , L. Lepore2 , P. Jannelli1
  • 1II Divisione di Ortopedia, Azienda Ospedaliera di Rilievo Nazionale “A. Cardarelli”, Napoli, Italy
  • 2I Divisione di Ortopedia, Azienda Sanitaria Locale Napoli 1, Centro Traumatologico Ortopedico, Napoli, Italy
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11. September 2002 (online)


The authors present in this article a new inflatable self-locking intramedullary nailing system for treatment of long bone fractures. The features of this system and the advantages of the technique are shown: fixation along the entire length of the nail, lack of proximal or distal interlocking screws, optional reaming, reduced exposure of the surgeon to x-rays and reduced operating room time. The clinical and radiographic results are reported: out of 82 implants in closed fractures classified according to A. O. method, 58 were available up to date for follow-up. We observed in all 58 cases (100 %) fracture consolidation, with absence of non-unions, infections or rotational malalignments. Only 4 (6.9 %) cases of complication are reported, consisting in opening of the fracture after inflation of the nail: a good stability of the nail, however, assured a complete callus formation. The authors conclude that this intramedullary nail is an innovative, effective, simple and minimally invasive procedure for treating long bone shaft fractures.


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