Homeopathy 2018; 107(S 01): 55-78
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1633337
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Significant and Sustained Improvement in Patients with Post-Traumatic Disorder Following Single-Remedy Simillimum Prescriptions

Irene Dorothee Schlingensiepen
1   Institut fuer wissenschaftlich orientierte Homoeopathie, Germany
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05. Februar 2018 (online)


Introduction: An evaluation of long-term outcomes of patients in our practice revealed that true simillimum prescriptions did not require any change of remedy for a sustained and comprehensive curative effect. This curative effect extended beyond physical symptoms to profound psychological improvements in patients with major depressive and post-traumatic disorders.

Method: We evaluated the long-term outcome of a subgroup of depressive patients who had presented with severe post-traumatic disorders. They all had undergone different therapies before they first came to our clinic. All were still suffering substantially.

Results: Whenever a true simillimum prescription—according to the standards of our long-term evaluation—was reached, each of these patients showed a pronounced healing effect in severe post-traumatic disorders. Four different exemplary cases of post-traumatic disorder will be presented with their respective prescription process and long-term outcomes.

Video: The presentation will be summed up by a patient-authorized video documentation of one patient with a long-lasting history of severe post-traumatic insomnia. The patient had a history of three different severely traumatizing events on separate occasions from childhood until parenthood. Following the third and last extremely traumatizing event in her life, she developed a severe insomnia, which persisted for several years. This insomnia compounded by the patient's being a single working mother of a severely disabled child led to a serious burn-out.

Conclusion: The case exemplifies how it is possible to determine the exact simillimum despite a host of convoluted and potentially misleading information. Video documentation includes the phase of re-kindled joy empowering her to take up new responsibility as the general manager of a well-run refugee relief program for an entire city.

Keywords: Simillimum, case study, post-traumatic disorder, depression