DOI : 10.1055/s-00034926


Issue S 01 · Volume 107 · February 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-38230

HRI Malta 2017—Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy: Presentation Abstracts
Malta, 09.–11.06.2017

Pillai, Indira Bala Krishna; Oberai, Praveen: Homoeopathic Management of Uterine Fibroids
Diaz-Saez, Gualberto; Diaz-Diez, Camino; Sacristan-Rubio, Alberto; Garcia-Gomez, Olga; Dominguez-Agüero, M. Nieves; Ramirez-Lapausa, Marta: Review of Effectiveness Studies of Homeopathy for Respiratory and ENT Complaints
Dominguez-Agüero, M. Nieves; Diaz-Saez, Gualberto; Diaz-Diez, Camino; Hortal-Muñoz, Luis; Garcia-Gomez, Olga; Begara-Morillas, M. Mar: Study about Knowledge and Use of Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Labour in a Primary Care Centre of Madrid
Frye, Joyce; O’Keefe, James; Fox, Lauren; Mannogian, Holly; Legerme, Mhaidjiv; Prosper, Joseph: Individualized Homeopathy Reduces Symptoms of Chronic Chikungunya in Haiti
Klein-Laansma, Christien; Rutten, Lex; Fruijtier, Paul; Wijtenburg, Huib: Measurement Is the Key to Knowledge: Registration in Homeopathic Practice
Kokornaczyk, Maria Olga; Baumgartner, Stephan: Phase Transition-Based Methods in Research on Homeopathy: A Review
Lutz, Bianka; Heer, Iris; Katzensteiner, Ramona; Frass, Michael; Wolf, Ursula; Heusser, Peter; Raak, Christa; Baumgartner, Stephan: Development of a Pisum sativum Bioassay to Test Effects of Homeopathic Pillules
Partington, Hazel; Duckworth, Jean: Future Directions for Homeopathy Research
Smith, Juliet; Mosley, Angelina; Relton, Clare; Tsamenyi, Samuel; Berdie, Julius; Chang, Gillian; Metzger, Angelika; Shannon, Linda; Smith, Jacqueline: Homeopathy Reduces Service Users’ Self-Reported Emotional Distress in a Charity Supported Rural Community Clinic in Ghana
Tapakis, Lefteris; Garoufali, Anastasia; Maglara, Artemis; Lilas, Theodoros: Analysis of Cases with Panic Attacks Treated with Classical Homeopathy
Torres-Jimenez, José Ignacio; Diaz-Saez, Gualberto; Garcia-Gomez, Olga; Hortal-Muñoz, Luis; Diaz-Diez, Camino: Use of Homeopathic Medicines in a Public Primary Care Setting
Ulbrich-Zürni, Susanne; Teut, Michael; Roll, Stephanie; Mathie, Robert T.: Opportunities and Limitations of the N-of-1 Clinical Trial Design in Homeopathy Research
Waisse, Silvia; Eizayaga, José E.; Rutten, Lex; Manchanda, Raj K.; Jurj, Gheorghe; Perisse, Andre Santos: Objective Homeopathic Signs: How Reliable Are They?