Facial Plast Surg 2009; 25(2): 100-105
DOI: 10.1055/s-0029-1220649
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Injectable Calcium Hydroxylapatite Microspheres (Radiesse)

Brock Ridenour1 , Theda C. Kontis2
  • 1Ridenour Plastic Surgery, St. Louis, Missouri
  • 2Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, Maryland
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04 May 2009 (online)


Injectable calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse) received FDA approval in 2006 for the correction of facial lipoatrophy and moderate to severe facial wrinkles. This product consists of microspheres of a synthetic bone suspended in a methylcellulose gel matrix. Because the product is thicker than the hyaluronic acids, it is used for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles, such as deep nasolabial folds. It is also used “off-label” to treat multiple areas of the face, nose, and hands. Radiesse is injected into the subdermal plane, and correction lasts approximately 1 year after injection.


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