Semin Speech Lang 2008; 29(4): 294-303
DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1103393
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An Examination of Nonspeech Oral Motor Exercises for Children with Velopharyngeal Inadequacy

Dennis M. Ruscello1
  • 1West Virginia University, West Virginia
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04 December 2008 (online)


The velopharyngeal closure mechanism is the articulator that separates the oral and nasal cavities during speech and swallowing. Articulation and resonance may be adversely affected if velopharyngeal inadequacy (VPI) is present. VPI is generally corrected through surgery or speech prosthetics. There is, however, a small subset of clients who may improve with treatment using muscle rehabilitation procedures that are task specific to speech. Nonspeech oral motor exercise treatment has been used but found ineffective.


Dennis Ruscello, Ph.D. 

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