Pharmacopsychiatry 2021; 54(05): 246-247
DOI: 10.1055/a-1481-9058
Letter to the Editor

Failing Memory in Nonaffective Psychosis and Prolactin Response to 12.5 µg i.v. TRH

Johan Spoov
1  Department of Clinical Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Per-Erik Bredbacka
2  Päijät-Häme Central Hospital, Lahti, Finland
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Dear Editor

The increase in plasma prolactin at 15 min following administration of 12.5 µg TRH i. v. (∆prol) was introduced in Pharmacopsychiatry as an inverse estimate of tuberoinfundibular dopamine (TIDA) activity [1]. We used the unpublished data set in 20 participants with nonaffective psychosis from our 1991 study utilizing ∆prol [2] and here report new results with its association with memory.

Publication History

Received: 12 February 2021

Accepted: 12 April 2021

Publication Date:
12 May 2021 (online)

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