Pharmacopsychiatry 2021; 54(01): 18-22
DOI: 10.1055/a-1298-4508

Novel Long-Acting Buprenorphine Medications for Opioid Dependence: Current Update

Michael Soyka


Opioid maintenance treatment with oral methadone or sublingual buprenorphine is the first-line treatment in opioid dependence. Three novel long-acting buprenorphine formulations have been approved or will be available soon: for subcutaneous weekly and monthly application, the depot formulations CAM 2038 (Buvidal®), the monthly depot formulation RBP-6000 (Sublocade™), and a 6-month buprenorphine implant (Probuphine™). Clinical data available so far on the efficacy of these 3 medications are given, and possible clinical implications are discussed.

Publication History

Received: 26 March 2020
Received: 17 October 2020

Accepted: 21 October 2020

Publication Date:
19 November 2020 (online)

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