Handchir Mikrochir Plast Chir 2021; 53(05): 504-506
DOI: 10.1055/a-1264-7879
Der interessante Fall

Corrective osteotomy of severely malunited distal radius: a case report

Korrekturosteomie einer in erheblicher Fehlstellung fehlverheilten distalen Radiusfraktur: ein Fallbericht
Zbigniew Szlosser

Case report

A 38-year-old, homeless, mildly handicapped male was referred to the authors institution due to severe malunion of his right (dominant) distal radius. Six months earlier, the patient sustained the fracture as a result of a fall from height. In the local hospital the wrist was immobilized and the patient sent to the reference centre. The patient ignored this referral and did not seek medical help until he presented at the authors’ institution. At admission he had no pain in the affected wrist, had full finger movement and complained of moderately impaired wrist function: grip strength 20 kg. (40 % of the other hand) and a quickDASH score of 30 points. The wrist was severely radially deviated and its mobility was significantly reduced. An X-ray showed malunion of the distal radius with severe radial and dorsal dislocation, and shortening of the radius (ulna-plus variant) ([ Figs. 1a, b ]).

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Figs. 1 a, b Preoperative X-rays of the wrist showing severe distal radius malunion.

Publication History

Article published online:
02 February 2021

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