Homeopathy 2016; 105(03): 217-224
DOI: 10.1016/j.homp.2016.03.001
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Homeopathic therapy in pediatric atopic diseases: short- and long-term results

Elio Rossi
Marco Picchi
Paola Bartoli
Marialessandra Panozzo
Chiara Cervino
Linda Nurra
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Received18. Juli 2015
revised04. März 2016

accepted09. März 2016

22. Dezember 2017 (online)

Aim: To study the outcomes of atopic diseases in children treated with homeopathy at the Homeopathic Clinic of Lucca (Italy) and related long-term results after approximately an 8-year period.

Materials and methods: Our data derive from an observational longitudinal study carried out on 857 pediatric patients who consecutive visited from 1998 to 2014. Children with atopic diseases were 325 (37.9%), 126 (39%) suffered from atopic dermatitis, 72 (22%) from allergic rhinitis, and 127 (39%) from asthma. Moreover, a long-term study was conducted on a subset of 107/165 patients, consecutively visited from 1998 to 2006, and with ≥5 years follow-up. The study also investigated the evolution of overall symptoms in those patients with a complex atopic symptomatology.

Results: 75.8% of atopic children had moderate or major improvement (67.1% with asthma as the primary disease; 84.2% rhinitis; 84.2% dermatitis). At re-evaluation after 5–10 years, complete remission of atopic symptoms was obtained in 70.1% of the children: 84.2% in dermatitis; 48.1% in allergic rhinitis; 71.4% in asthma. Children with two or three atopic diseases at the first visit were completely cured in 40% of cases.

Conclusion: The results seem to confirm that homeopathic medicine produces positive therapeutic response in atopic children.