DOI: 10.1055/s-00043281

Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice

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Jayaraman, Kalaivani; Rangasami, Rajeswaran; Chandrasekharan, Anupama: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in Viral Encephalitis: A Pictorial Essay
Sujan, M. U.; Rao, M. Raghavendra; Kisan, Ravikiran; Abhishekh, Hulegar A.; Nalini, Atchayaram; Raju, Trichur R.; Sathyaprabha, T. N.: Influence of hydrotherapy on clinical and cardiac autonomic function in migraine patients
Rubiano, Andres M.; Vera, David S.; Montenegro, Jorge H.; Carney, Nancy; Clavijo, Angelica; Carreño, Jose N.; Gutierrez, Oscar; Mejia, Jorge; Ciro, Juan D.; Barrios, Ninel D.; Soto, Alvaro R.; Tejada, Paola A.; Zerpa, Maria C.; Gomez, Alejandro; Navarrete, Norberto; Echeverry, Oscar; Umaña, Mauricio; Restrepo, Claudia M.; Castillo, Jose L.; Sanabria, Oscar A.; Bravo, Maria P.; Gomez, Claudia M.; Godoy, Daniel A.; Orjuela, German D.; Arias, Augusto A.; Echeverri, Raul A.; Paranos, Jorge: Recommendations of the Colombian Consensus Committee for the Management of Traumatic Brain Injury in Prehospital, Emergency Department, Surgery, and Intensive Care (Beyond One Option for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Stratified Protocol [BOOTStraP])
Yue, John K.; Upadhyayula, Pavan S.; Avalos, Lauro N.; Phelps, Ryan R L.; Suen, Catherine G.; Cage, Tene A.: Concussion and Mild-Traumatic Brain Injury in Rural Settings: Epidemiology and Specific Health Care Considerations